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Supply Chain Collaboration

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What is Cobuilder Collaborate?

Cobuilder Collaborate is a cloud based tool that helps clients and contractors deliver checked Asset Information Models. Cobuilder Collaborate allows contractors to set their data requirements, collect the data directly from manufacturers and other suppliers, and have an automated data checking service before exporting to models or directly to BIM/COBie.

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set your project data requirements


Via Cobuilder Collaborate you can easily set up the data requirements for your organisation or project and reuse/edit them on multiple projects.

  • Populate the Asset Information Model with ease.
    With Cobuilder Collaborate you can easily set your project data and document requirements according to your projects’ Asset Information Requirements and Employers Information Requirements.

  • Centralised Requirements Management. Assign specific product and data requirements, such as date of delivery and data about product characteristics (u-value, solar factor etc.), to be delivered by individual suppliers.
  • Sustainable construction. With Cobuilder Collaborate you can also raise your projects’ market value by adding environmental filtering based on standards such as BREEAM or LEED.

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Via Cobuilder Collaborate you use the Product Data Template methodology to collect data automatically from your supply chain or directly from the manufacturers. You can also use PDTs to input data yourself.

Data from Manufacturers

Through Cobuilder Collaborate’s integration with goBIM – the digital data solution for manufacturers – you can collect the data and documents you require directly from the most credible source of truth.

  • Collect data from the most credible source. Collect the data and documents you need for your project directly from the manufacturer via goBIM.
  • Work through best practice. goBIM has over 700 Product Data Templates (PDTs) based on the standards currently developed by CEN 442.
  • Collaborate with the manufacturer. Communicate directly with the manufacturer by sending system requests for missing documents/information.

  • Ensure accurate data is used. When using goBIM to collect the manufacturers’ data you are ensuring it is the most recent and accurate information.

  • A product’s digital passport. Enjoy knowing all the required properties of each product installed on your project through the ‘Product view’ functionality. You can also view all the associated Declarations of Performance, Safety Data Sheets, Environmental Product Declarations, Assembly instructions and further documentation all in one place.

Input Data

  • If you wish to input data in Cobuilder Collaborate yourself, the platform allows you to do that. Just add a product and use the relevant Product Data Template to complete the data entry process.

collect product data and documents

Data from the Supply Chain

Through cobuilder Collaborate’s integration with Cobuilder Deliver – the digital data solution for the supply chain, you can collect project-specific data and documents directly from the people installing products on your project.

  • Collaborate with the supply chain. Easily send an e-mail invitation to all your suppliers to register their company in Cobuilder Deliver.

  • Easy for you – easy for them. Assign the product type data requirements to the relevant supplier and the delivery date by which you wish to receive the data.

  • Automated delivery. Your suppliers can now easily fill in the data you need. All data input and checked by Cobuilder Deliver is automatically delivered to Cobuilder Collaborate.

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Data Creation
check deliverables


While collecting data and documents, Cobuilder Collaborate will automatically check the information against your requirements. With Cobuilder Collaborate you can easily check delivered products for deviations so you can address the issue with your supply chain.

  • Are requirements met? Cobuilder Collaborate provides automated checking of the collected data and documents against the previously set project requirements.

  • Checking of as-built against as-designed. Automatic checks of collected attribute values against the actual values set in a filter.

  • Collaboration with the supply chain. Cobuilder Collaborate allows you to communicate directly with the manufacturer or other supplier by sending system requests for missing data or documents.

  • Environmental Check. The system identifies whether documents such as the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration are in place for a certain product or chemical, helping you meet environmental certification requirements (feature in development).

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Having confirmed the accuracy of your information, you can now easily integrate the collected data to the Asset Information Models via Cobuilder’s free plugins for Revit, Navisworks and ARCHICAD.

Alternatively, you can use Cobuilder Collaborate‘s built in‚ Integrate data into model’ functionality to link data to an IFC model. Through Cobuilder Collaborate you can also deliver a COBie export. As an additional service, you can also use the API Automation services to integrate the collected and checked data in internal systems or provide it as a service to your clients.

  • Deliver accurate as-built data. Distribute your as-built product data to Asset Information Models and FM tools. Enjoy the limitless possibilities of interoperable data.

  • Export project data to COBie. The export contains information populated in the Facility, Type, Document and Attribute sheets.

  • Model tagging capabilities. Embed or link data and documents to 3D models by using Cobuilder’s free Revit and Navisworks plugins or Cobuilder Collaborate’s own ‘Integration’ functionality.

  • API Automation. Access and integrate your digital project information with third-party software.

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integrate data into model
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