Cobuilder Collaborate

Effortless collaboration to ensure compliance with project goals ​

What does it do?

Cobuilder Collaborate is developed to collect as-built product information throughout all phases of the construction process. The solution enables effortless collaboration and exchange of product data and documentation between project participants. ​

All you need to do is create a digital project and invite your suppliers. Products and all relevant documentation are automatically delivered to the project upon purchase and checked against the project requirements. Cobuilder Collaborate identifies possible deviations so that you can easily request the missing data.

Cobuilder Collaborate helps you ensure

Compliance with legal requirements

Requirements for documentation of products

Collect legally required documentation: DoP, Declaration of conformity, Assembly instructions

Requirements for managing chemicals

Manage and provide easy access to legally required documentation about chemicals: SDS, information sheets

Requirements for managing risk

Step-by-step process for managing risk related to use of chemicals at the construction site

Compliance with sustainability requirements​

Collection of environmental data
for CO2 accounting

Collect digital environmental data from your supply chain

BREEAM requirements

Manage requirements for documentation of materials to achieve BREEAM certification

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Check whether products are approved for use in projects seeking Nordic Ecolabel certification

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