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Add a layer of standard-based data modeling to your software solution without reinventing the wheel

Through our Commercial APIs Platform we allow software vendors to expand their core value proposition by transferring the complexity of understanding and implementing relevant construction industry data management standards (also known as BIM standards) to us. We offer you support in implementing common machine-readable language (data dictionary solution), commonly agreed and repeatable information deliverables (data requirements solution) & building elements that are enriched and shared throughout the construction project (construction products repository solution).

Structured data allows experts to translate information into knowledge at every stage of the construction process. The principle of Cobuilder’s Commercial APIs platform is based on the development and use of Data Templates –  digital data structures created to enable the efficient use of construction products & elements data by different actors in a standardised way. Data Templates and their building blocks can be used as logical models for any construction data software – from 3D object libraries, PIM and CDEs to BIM authoring tools. If construction data creates added value for your business, we can help you bring in the latest standards for data management in construction to the table and provide truly interoperable outputs.