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Customers can now contact Cobuilder’s Support team by phone

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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At Cobuilder we want to ensure that all essential information is obtained and distributed in an efficient and effective manner and that first-time resolution of problems is treated with highest priority.

That is why, Cobuilder have taken steps to expand the scope of our customer service and incorporate phone and live chat options in addition to the written support we provide through various channels.We are happy to announce that thanks to our passionate Support Team the first milestone in this regard is already a reality.

Customers can now contact Cobuilder’s Support Team by phone. Our Support Team specialises in providing individual resolutions to all customers’ enquiries through multilingual capabilities and specialised technical knowledge skills.

Currently, Cobuilder provides FREE SUPPORT services through email, an extensive Knowledge Base and our newly launched phone support service.