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Each organization is at a different stage of its digital transformation journey and your business has little or no use of a ‘one size fits all’ solution for managing product data. Cobuilder can help you develop your digital data strategy and implement a solution that will be an integral part of your current IT infrastructure, scaled according to the size and data ambition of your business.

Discovery phase

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Proof of Concept

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Implementation phase

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Discovery phase

  • Semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders within your business to reveal your savings potential.

Cobuilder’s consultancy approach is based on the belief that customers need to come up with their own sense of the problem they are facing. Therefore within the discovery phase you will meet with Cobuilder Sales consultants who will lead you through a tested and tried SPIN approach ‘Situation, Problem, Implications, Need-Payoff in order to truly understand the challenges your business is facing and draw an comprehensive action plan for the opportunities that lie ahead.

6 cost drivers from our discovery analysis

Digital Strategy Workshops

Assessment of your current digital strategy to reveal improvement areas and make recommendations that can ensure a future-proof digital path for your business

Once the interviews are conducted successfully we can together move on to the technical and functional details of our future project. We bring our team of relevant experts to you for a one to two-day workshop to start the process of revealing the specific characteristics of your organisation’s product data environment.

Proof of Concept

  • A practical demonstration of how the proposed solution can be unified into your system(s).

  • Verifies the conceptual solution before going to implementation.

If, and usually when, we discover that there is a potential for substantial improvements, we use the findings to develop a Proof of Concept (POC). If, for some reason, you decide not to go forward with the project you will still be left with valuable knowledge on your “digital state” and use this at a later stage or with another software solution provider.

After a successful POC Cobuilder’s consultancy process finishes with an offer that maps your specific needs to a Cobuilder solution package. The scope of the additional Data Consultancy* services varies based on the level of complexity, budgets and other restraints/factors.

*Data Consultancy

The ‘Data Consultancy’ service allows you to outsource some data processing activities to Cobuilder’s experts.