Cobuilder Link

Designed for the construction industry, Cobuilder Link enables stakeholders to distribute standard-based, interoperable information requirements.

What does it do?

Cobuilder Link integrates with BIM to improve communication among stakeholders, reducing misinformed decisions and inefficiencies in construction projects. Utilising the industry recognized Define Data Dictionary and bSDD, Cobuilder Link supports collaborative BIM processes across all construction phases, making planning, delivering, and facilitating operations more easy for everyone involved.

Beneficial for multiple stakeholders

Developed for contractors, building owners, clients, designers, BIM managers

Managing information requirements

Create, edit and share information requirements with stakeholders in one common system

Based on
LOIN framework

Information requirements grouped by Object, Milestone, Purpose and Actor


Provides IFC enrichment, IDS, Revit Shared Parameters and Excel exports

Integration with the industry recognised Define and bSDD

The information requirements created in Cobuilder Link are based on construction objects and the corresponding data templates developed in data dictionaries such as Define and bSDD. The platform allows IFC enrichment of the models and IDS exports.

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Cobuilder Link free trial Cobuilder Link Subscription
Up to 15 objects from Define Over 1500 objects from Define
Up to 1000 properties from Define Over 20 000 properties from Define
bSDD objects and properties bSDD objects and properties
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START package in 2024


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Explore Cobuilder Link’s functionalities with our easy onboarding guiding steps.

1. Getting started

2. Project Prerequisites

3. Information Requirements

4. Sharing and Collaboration


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