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Cobuilder Define

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Cobuilder Define

THE software for authoring, managing and sharing Data Templates within a common data dictionary framework.

In order to break away from poor information management practices, data silos and analogue processes, the infrastructure and construction industries need robust data strategies based on the standards already available today. All market actors need support in standardising their data management practices and defining what data they need to exchange in order to meet the increasing demand for data throughout the value chain.

This is why, within the center of its platform Cobuilder offers a solution to help organizations to make a crucial step toward the practical execution of their digital transformation strategy. This step is achieved through the implementation of future-proof data structures called Data Templates within their existing IT infrastructure.

Cobuilder Define is offered separately to organisations looking at data standardization through data templates for their internal data management practices. It is also offered as part of all Cobuilder Enterprise solutions specially catered to manufacturers’, contractors’ & clients’ needs.


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How can your organisation benefit from common, standardised data structures and free information flow?



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