1. Getting started

2. Project Prerequisites

3. Information Requirements

4. Sharing and Collaboration

Before you dive into specifying information requirements, let’s set the stage with project prerequisites. This is where you define the critical elements that will shape your project’s information needs. In the provided tabs, you can specify the objects, milestones, purposes, actors, and documents that are essential for the seamless flow of information in your construction project.

Set up project objects

Objects are the fundamental concept of your project, representing the elements, systems, products, and components that are crucial for your information requirements. Objects are provisioned from the Data Dictionaries.

With the flexibility of sourced Objects, you have the freedom to shape your project’s information requirements according to your specific goals.

Add Objects

You are able to add project objects from the Define data dictionary you’re using. These objects, along with their attributes like descriptions and related classifications, will become available for your specified information requirements.