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02.12.2015 at (10:00 CET)


Opportunities and threats you didn’t know about.

coBuilder's webinar will teach you how to get your Declarations of Performance prepared effortlessly and efficiently.

Working closely with the industry, we know well what struggles manufacturers have to go through in order to have their Declarations of Performance prepared. Drawing DoPs is quite a time-consuming process involving a lot of expertise and attention to detail, which by itself provides favorable ground for, often times, costly errors.

In this free webinar our experts address problematic areas in the DoP creation process, giving you practical advice on how to identify and avoid the hidden threats and utilise the vast opportunities you probaly haven’t thought of.

Join us on the 2nd of December at (10:00 CET) to learn:

  • The most common mistakes companies do in their DoPs and how to avoid them
  • How to do translations flawlessly and efficiently
  • Why you should love BIM and how you can leverage BIM to increase your sales
  • The BIM – DoP relationship OR how to use your DoP to your best advantage

…  any many more.