Webinar: Cobuilder Link IDS Masterclass

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Webinar: Cobuilder Link IDS Masterclass

This live webinar will show you how Cobuilder Link works with a focus on IDS exports. An easy step by step demo of the processes in the software solution, presented by

Thomas Ingvaldsen – Head of Business Development Nordics – BIM and Digitalization;

Martin Nenov – Product Manager, Cobuilder Link.

In the webinar you will see the openBIM workflow, the many benefits of Cobuilder Link, as well as the IDS export.

What is Cobuilder Link?

Cobuilder Link is the platform for contractors, building owners, clients, designers and BIM managers. The software solution provides structuring of information requirements for streamlined data exchange. The information requirements created in Cobuilder Link are based on construction objects and properties developed in data dictionaries such as Define or bSDD.

Why Cobuilder Link?

If you want to simplify how you create, manage and share information requirements in your project workflow, you need Cobuilder Link. The software solution will help you collaborate and get the right information at the right time. With Cobuilder Link you can structure and standardize your BIM processes, using Define and bSDD.


  • Duration: 30 minutes with Q&A

Our Speakers

Thomas Ingvaldsen
Thomas IngvaldsenHead of Business Development Nordics - BIM and Digitalization, Cobuilder
Martin Nenov
Martin NenovProduct Manager


apr 24 2024


10:00 am - 10:30 am

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