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coBuilder as seen in the media

We at coBuilder are dedicated to sharing our news with the public at all times and through all means of communication. This page is intended to keep track of coBuilder’s public presence in the media so that our audience can truly appreciate our and our media partners’ efforts to keep them informed.

Media coverage What I’ve learnt since launching a data services start-up for BIM 24 Feb 2016 UK Skanska and coBuilder unite to ‘BIMify’ product data 17 Feb 2016 UK coBuilder announce construction product data exploitation partnership with Skanska 16 Feb 2016 UK Skanska and coBuilder enter construction product data partnership 16 Feb 2016 UK Skanska and coBuilder enter construction product data partnership 16 Feb 2016 UK Teknologisk Institutt Norway – New rutines and tools in ProductXchange 7 Nov 2015 Norway BIM data (COBie/IFC) explained. The coBuilder perspective Oct 2015 UK Around 200 participants attended the expertise seminar organized by EBA and coBuilder 23 Oct 2015 Norway Good turnout and feedback from the expertise seminar 23 Oct 2015 Norway Norway creates something beyond its borders with the pan-European ProductInfoX project 15 Oct 2015 Norway coBuilder UK launches new website for BIM collaboration 13 Oct 2015 UK Invited to lift up the expertise of the industry 13 Oct 2015 Norway Lack of knowledge during the buulding process might cause a huge loss of resources 1 Oct 2015 Norway Using product information more effective can save the industry billions 1 Oct 2015 Norway Using building data uneffectively proves to be expensive 29 Sept 2015 Norway Audio Exclusive: coBuilder to help change FM practice from being an “antiquated process” 29 Sept 2015 UK coBuilder launches contractor trials of as built model solutions 27 Sept 2015 UK Press Release: Balfour Beatty and Carillion discuss working with coBuilder UK 25 Sept 2015 UK coBuilder’s mission: digitising the UK construction industry now 28 July 2015 International Norwegian data services company targets the UK industry 2 July 2015 UK
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