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Have the data about your buildings/infrastructure available at your fingertips

What challenges are facility managers facing today?

  • As the final instance in a building’s design-build-operate life cycle, facility managers need to be assured that the information they receive from the main contractor is accurate.
  • They often use their own software that might not be compatible with the file formats used by the contractors.
  • Facility managers often have to deal with numerous PDFs and Word documents that contractors send them, which makes the management of a building tedious and inefficient process.
  • They have to constantly monitor if the designed plans/models meet what has actually been constructed.
  • Receiving a new asset can mean undertaking expensive surveys to endeavor the information needed to maintain the structure.
The use of ProductXchange renders costly handover survays unnecessary

How can we help?

  • With ProductXchange you receive a repository of actual installed products at your fingertips;
  • Receive data about installed products in BIM formats IFC, Revit, COBie etc;
  • When products need replacing you can interrogate your FM systems, database or BIM to identify the product and collect all the data you need about it so that you can easily find a new one and replace it;
  • All the data from the products that have been used is BIM-ready and can easily be exported into any FM system of your choice;
  • Save money on costly handover surveys, as all the actual product data is available in multiple formats;
  • O&M and health and safety manuals are easy to produce and this again renders the handover surveys unnecessary;


  • Have the entire ‘as built’ product data at your fingertips so it is easy to find and replace products within your assets;
  • Save time and money when making O&M manuals;
  • Reduce the time and money when undertaking handover surveys;
  • The easy identification of parts ensures that maintenance and repair processes may be performed much more efficiently;
The use of ProductXchange renders costly handover survays unnecessary

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The use of ProductXchange renders costly handover survays unnecessary