We can help you digitise your environmental data at no extra cost

Cobuilder offers manufacturers the opportunity to scale and digitise environmental data for their entire product line at no additional cost. 

The offer is applicable for both existing and new users of Cobuilder Supply, Cobuilder’s tool for digitising and providing product data and documentation.

“Digitalisation of environmental data is a prerequisite for implementing efficient processes for carbon accounting across the construction sector. It will also help manufacturers to prepare for the forthcoming requirements in the revised Construction Products Regulation that will necessitate the delivery of environmental product data in a machine-readable format “, says Lars Chr. Fredenlund, CEO of Cobuilder.

Lars Chr. Fredenlund, CEO of Cobuilder

Accurate and standardised data is the key to increased sustainability

A growing number of construction industry actors are working more consciously to implement stricter sustainability measures. However, documenting sustainability practices has been challenging. Information about the environmental performance of products is still primarily stored and shared in PDF format, which requires a lot of manual work as the documents are not machine-readable. Efforts have been made to digitise and structure data from Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), but the information is often available as average data for product series or entire industry sectors, which does not ensure accuracy and transparency. The upcoming changes in EU legislation will change how industry must work with environmental data.

“The revised version of the Construction Products Regulation, which is currently being developed by the European Commission, will most likely require manufacturers to deliver digital product passports (DPP). The aim is to make information about building materials transparent, searchable, and comparable. The product passports, which will include essential environmental data, must be provided in a machine-readable format, and made available to the entire European construction industry so that organisations can work more efficiently toward the industry’s sustainability goals”, explains Fredenlund.

Make your product data and documentation available in digital projects

Cobuilder Supply enables manufacturers to deliver product data and documentation to Norwegian contractors who use Cobuilder Collaborate.

Collaborate offers a module for collecting environmental data for carbon accounting in projects. The solution is used by approx. 3,000 large and small contractors in Norway.

In addition to the module for managing carbon requirements, the solution offers many other functionalities that enable projects to collect product data and documentation to ensure compliance with project requirements in an efficient way. Up-to-date product documentation is particularly important for projects that use the functionality for managing BREEAM requirements in projects. With Supply, manufacturers can scale environmental data and make all their product documentation available, thus helping their clients meet environmental requirements in projects.

The offer is valid until the end of February 2024. If you would like to take advantage of it, please contact Cobuilder’s support team.