Cobuilder Supply for
Users of Data

Your portal to Digital Product Passports

Cobuilder Supply is a cutting-edge product passport platform that streamlines the construction industry’s data management process. It is the place where YOU asset owners, contractors, specifiers, consultants, engineers can easily search, compare and find construction products and comprehensive data, ensuring efficient product selection and improved decision-making.

Using Cobuilder Supply will give you the following benefits

  • Efficient product selection: You can easily find the right construction products, saving time and ensuring they are a good fit for your projects.
  • Smart decision-making: You can compare products based on various factors like performance, sustainability, certifications and more, helping you make better choices.
  • Time and cost savings: Quick and easy access to standardised product data speeds up research, reduces delays, and minimises the risk of costly mistakes.
  • Sustainable building: You can pick and choose eco-friendly products using sustainability information that meets green building standards.
  • Transparency: The platform offers transparency about the circular and environmental aspects of the building materials used in your projects.
  • Interoperability:Тhe product data displayed could be linked to other software systems, ensuring interoperability and free information flow inside your organisation and across the supply chain you work with.

Comprehensive product data for your success

Cobuilder Supply is a digital platform that will help you streamline procurement, reuse data on multiple projects, save time and costs to obtain the required information from the most trustworthy source – the manufacturer. You gain access to a comprehensive suite of features thoughtfully organized into the following primary modules: