Construction products' performance is not so straight forward when it comes to measuring

Types of performance for construction products in your DoP

From businesses, employees, social media campaigns, medicines to construction products – measuring performance is a hard task. It is often so multicomponented that simple physical quantities expressed and measured by the corresponding units just don’t do the trick. That is why when it comes to understanding your Declaration of Performance  you are better off with some help on the types of performance values you can encounter.

It is all about the data

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) of a construction product, according to the template provided in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), needs to provide information for the essential characteristics listed in the relevant harmonized technical specification. Apart from being a normal ordinal value, the performance of construction products covered by a harmonized technical specification can typically be expressed as a class (a pair of limit values of a property between which the  actual performance falls) or a level (upper or lower limit value of a property).

Classes and levels are easy

When the value for performance of a product is a level or class, the essential characteristic takes up a single row in the Declaration of Performance and is easily expressible. The above mentioned are predefined in the harmonized technical specification and are typically expected for the product.

Essential characteristics as a compound

In other cases an essential characteristic as defined in a standard contains more than one property of the product in it and every one of them is determined according to a different test method. When this happens the different properties of the essential characteristic need to be specified as its “components”, with separate values and reference test standards. In this case performance values vary a lot for different products and classes and levels can rarely be defined.

Watch out for the text below

The third situation is where performance has no way of being measured in units and expressed as a value for the essential characteristic. The lack of a unit measure for an essential characteristic can be due to its complexity, absence of an appropriate harmonized test method or when enough practical experience has proved the product fit for the intended uses specified, if it fulfils the other requirements of the harmonized technical specification.

Although they do not provide comparable information about performance, these essential characteristics remain relevant for the product, because they are included in the basic requirements for construction work annex of the CPR in some form. In these cases there is typically a comment bellow the table with the other declared performances, which serves both as value for the essential characteristic and possibly a short explanation as to why there is no standard way of expressing it.

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