Lars Fredenlund and the shared goal of Cobuilder

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Introduce yourself in 3 sentences and impress our audience.

I’m a father of three children, originally educated as a carpenter, a construction engineer, and CEO of Cobuilder. Food is a passion and I always have my luggage full of food when I come home from abroad. I am also passionate about children’s and youth sports, I have trained children for 30 years and worked to get funding for a number of football pitches with artificial grass for the kids in my neighborhood.

Who are you to Cobuilder and why Cobuilder exists?

At Cobuilder we share a belief that the construction industry needs to change through digitalization to build a sustainable industry for the future. I am convinced that the transition to carbon neutrality and circular economy is only possible through modern digital technology. I have been working on this topic for most of my career and I am carrying the torch on behalf of the company when we advocate for change in the industry.

What is Cobuilder capable of doing?

At Cobuilder we have a goal to solve the major challenge for the industry, namely that data and information flow freely between all actors and establish a common digital language. This will make it possible to do calculations of carbon emissions based on real data, in addition to many other advantages. Our customers that are working on establishing high-quality data in their organizations, can also save time for administration and introduce seamless business processes with partners and customers. Cobuilder will play an important role in this work for the construction industry in the years to come.

Why Bulgaria? Are you happy with the “brain-power” of your colleagues in Bulgaria?

It has been an incredible journey for us since we started out in Bulgaria with 2 employees in 2013. Is has been a good match from start and today we are approximately 120 employees. For a B2B software provider like us, we find extremely competent and driven employees in Bulgaria. That does not only include IT engineers, but also UX designers, marketeers, product managers and support functions. We have a good relationship with the universities, and several of our employees are also used as speakers there.

What is your shared passion with your colleagues?

Besides for the obvious engagement for the environmental topic, I am a social person and like to socialize! Recently we carried out a teambuilding for all employees in Razlog. To meet, get to know each other, and to party together was really nice, especially after the long period with Covid lockdowns.

If you have to describe yourself as a mythical creature – what would you be and why?

That would probably be a unicorn, ha-ha. Both for myself and Cobuilder, we are trying to do something unique, be the first movers, in front of the others. And speaking of a unicorn in financial terms, we of course also hope to be one someday!

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