Cobuilder and Theatro360 – a collaboration that integrates 360-imaging with structured construction data

A picture says a thousand words, right? Finding an easy way to visualise the data that we need can help us make well-informed decisions. That is why Cobuilder and Theatro360 have teamed up to provide the construction supply chain with an innovative and pragmatic solution for integrating data into 360 photographs.

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Exyte Hargreaves and Cobuilder aiming to create a digital “Golden Thread”

In January 2021, Exyte Hargreaves concluded a strategic agreement with the Norwegian software company Cobuilder. This partnership aims to put an innovative process for capturing data from the supply chain into practice. The final aim of this process is creating and maintaining a digital record of consistent and standardised construction information.

What is ‘context’ in the world of construction product data?

What is ‘context’ in the world of construction product data? Do you use the same language to describe something delightful to your colleagues as you do to describe the same thing to your kids? [...]

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