Cobuilder Supply for Manufacturers

Your first step towards Digital Product Passports

Cobuilder Supply is a cutting-edge product passport platform that streamlines the construction industry’s data management process.

It is designed to empower YOU – the manufacturer, wholesaler, or service provider to efficiently structure and manage product data and documentation. By using Cobuilder Supply, you can easily deliver important product details directly to your customers and promote your construction products to a wider audience, attracting new clients. Most importantly, Cobuilder Supply sets you on the path to creating Digital Product Passports (DPP), ensuring enhanced visibility and traceability for your products throughout their lifecycle, thus helping you comply with upcoming EU legislation changes.

Using Cobuilder Supply will give you the following benefits

  • Increased visibility:Publishing your products on Cobuilder Supply opens up a new digital sales channel, increasing your visibility and exposure in the market.
  • Competitive advantage:Get ahead of the curve by preparing your data for the forthcoming revisions to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) and the requirement for Digital Product Passports, positioning yourself with a competitive advantage.
  • Regulatory compliance:Ensure full compliance with the legal and technical requirements of the revised CPR, reducing the risk of litigation and penalties, and promoting a trusted reputation.
  • Market differentiation:Demonstrate your commitment to transparency, quality, and sustainability, setting your brand apart in the market and gaining the trust of customers and partners.
  • Wider market access:Products equipped with a Digital Product Passport (DPP) will have easier access to the European Union and international markets, broadening your market reach.

Streamlining product information for your success

With Cobuilder Supply, your product information adheres to industry-standard formats, simplifying the process for both current and prospective customers to search, compare and find your products. You gain access to a comprehensive suite of features thoughtfully organized into four primary modules:

Turn your data into a competitive advantage with Cobuilder Supply!