Students’ career paths and how does Cobuilder fit in their story

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Modified on June 25, 2021

At Cobuilder, we believe that “your data is your value”. You need to carefully manage, update, optimize your data and always consider how to take full advantage of it. People, just like organisations, use data in their own way – especially at the start of their careers. Students are full of fresh knowledge and skills (data). They are enthusiastic and set ambitious goals. At the same time, it is crucial for them to receive support, career advice and the right opportunities. In other words, they need help to learn how to use and optimize their own data. For some of these students, we at Cobuilder step in to guide them through these first important career steps.

On June 8th and 9th, 2021, Cobuilder attended the annual Career Day exhibition hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. Despite its name – Career Day – this is actually a two-day event where IT students come and talk with different companies from the IT sector to learn more about them and the career opportunities they offer.

At this year’s event, Cobuilder managed to attract a lot of attention, not least thanks to the charisma of our Human Capital Expert Tanya Gospodinova who was not shy to approach and invite people for a discussion at the stand.

Many students joined her and our software engineers Stoyan Shopov and Angel Beshirov to talk about their interests and career ambitions. Some of them had heard about Cobuilder, others had not, but they were all curious and hungry for information.

At Cobuilder we believe that such events are a great opportunity to share insights and give useful advice to those youngsters who are fresh out of school and ready to embark on their professional journey. Of course, we also love to share our passion for the work that we do at Cobuilder – how we develop our products and how we hope to help the construction industry in its digital transformation.

In fact, we believe that our most useful tip to young people at the start of their career is to learn what a company is all about when considering joining. Finding out about the company values, corporate culture, vision and mission is key to assess whether it is the right fit for you. This way you can ensure that you will thrive at your future workplace.

This is why, at such events we always make sure to share what we stand for, how we work and what our goals are, so that youngsters can make the right choice if they consider joining our team.

Our company has a history in successfully engaging students at different career events. Over the years we have participated regularly in Junior Achievement’s initiative Manager for a Day, where many future university graduates get the opportunity to put themselves in our shoes.

We are also regular participants with lecturers at Hobelix events and workshops where students can upgrade their knowledge and skills, and practice teamwork.

By joining such events, we aspire to positively influence students and help them develop their talents and skills. We also give them a taster of what everyday work is like in our company. This way we hope to ease the start of their career journey. Of course, we also hope that they would like to join us and share our passion to create a better and more sustainable built environment.