Semaino and Cobuilder unite expertise to bring goBIM software to new heights of automated digital data exchange

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Modified on April 23, 2021

In March 2021, the Norwegian software company Cobuilder, specialising in construction product data management has signed a strategic agreement with Semaino, a German expert in electronic data exchange. This partnership aims to enable all Cobuilder customers using the goBIM platform to export their product data quickly and efficiently in various construction exchange formats such as the standardised ETIM classification structure, BMEcat or customised Excel files.

To cater for the increasing need for robust information management practices within the BIM sector, Cobuilder and Semaino, both experts in their fields, have united forces to provide a logical solution to the problem with data distribution across varied data structures. Different construction suppliers use different formats, different classifications, or bespoke structuring of their data. In addition, no matter the ERP or PIM used, a lot of manual work is invested by the manufacturers in preparing the required data format for sharing. The integration between Cobuilder and Semaino aims to address the two aspects of this problem namely, data structuring and exchange, to create time and cost efficiencies for the manufactures and the consumers of their valuable data.

Jens Bröking, CEO of Semaino Technologies GmbH, states:

“We are glad to partner with Cobuilder – another organisation believing in the power of standards in construction. We are convinced that data exchange between systems can only be done based on standardised methods. Combining our knowledge of formats, classifications, and requirements of receiving systems, with Cobuilder’s expertise in structuring and standardising data, we will make the exports from goBIM software as easy and quick as they should be.”

Cobuilder and Semaino offer products and services which are complementary to each other. Cobuilder provides the goBIM software that allows customers to structure their product data and organise it according to standards for digital data management like EN ISO 23386 and EN ISO 23387. Semaino provides the ecatDesigner that allows users to export data from PIM systems and other repositories of product data into electronic exchange formats combined with various classification standards.

With this project, the goBIM solution will help manufacturers save time on manual work with quick and easy exports in the exchange format of their choice.

The result is in benefit of all consumers of manufacturers’ data who will take advantage of structured and standardised data that is fully interoperable and flows freely in various systems and exchange formats.

Christer Grønvold, International Sales Director at Cobuilder, comments:

“Consistent, accurate and trusted product data that is easy to use and exchange – this is the basis for the true digital transformation for any construction business. This project is initiated for the benefit of the forward-thinkers who are ready to embrace the digital shift in the industry and harness the potential of their data. With this partnership, goBIM clients will be provided with an end-to-end solution that is designed with the future in mind.”

The integration between goBIM and the ecatDesigner has already begun and is in its initial phase. As tests are conducted, the two partners will try to reach a seamless integration, allowing for an improved user journey and a quick and effortless data transformation process.