What is new in Cobuilder Supply (prev. goBIM)?

Release notes

06. June 2023

  • New column for Published status

    A new “Published To” field in Products list was added. The field shows information about the solutions on the Cobuilder platform that the particular product is available in.

    All products are automatically available in Cobuilder Collaborate. The ones that have a name, at least one identifier or construction object are available in the new public extension of the platform: Cobuilder Supply.

23. May 2023

  • Counter and filtration redesign

    This release builds upon the previously introduced functionality, enabling Cobuilder Supply (prev. goBIM) users to manage the availability of products in Cobuilder Supply.

    • 1. New filters and counters: A new filter for availability has been added to the products list page. The filter allows users to refine their search based on the availability status of products, making it easier to find the desired products. The filter options are as follows:
      • Available in all public channels.
      • Cobuilder Collaborate.
      • Cobuilder Supply Public pages.

    The layout of filters on the products list page has been rearranged for improved usability and intuitive navigation. Counters have been added to the filters, providing users with a visual indication of the active products and products with deviations.

    • 2. New validation for published status: A validation mechanism has been introduced for changing the visibility status of products in Cobuilder Supply. Users will receive validation prompts if they attempt to modify the vis