What is new in Cobuilder goBIM?

Release notes

08. June 2022

  • New document types added

    With regards to the documentation requirements in the new BREEAM 6.0 manual, the list of available document types was updated to include the following new types:

    • BREEAM 6.0 Mat 02 Self-declaration
    • BREEAM 6.0 Hea 02 Self-declaration
    • BREEAM 6.0 Hea 02 Self-declaration exemplary level
    • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
    • Indoor Air Comfort Gold
    • ECOproduct method 5.2
  • Updated user menu

    Looking for our FAQs or the privacy policy? All useful links are now gathered in one place – the user manu dropdown which shows upon a click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

27. May 2022

  • goBIM now works with specific template versions

    Up until now, goBIM used construction objects to distinguish between different types of construction products. We have now added an option to choose a specific product data template as well, provided that more than one such option is available:

    For users with own contexts in Cobuilder Define an additional menu has been added. It allows the bulk update of the products in the product list, to the latest version of a given data template.

21. December 2021

  • Documentation deviations in goBIM

    Documentation requirements and deviations are now available in goBIM! Additional information and filtration options are added in goBIM, so that you can set a documentation requirement and follow up on the products which are not in compliance with it.

    There are three types of requirements made available:

    • Construction object is missing
    • Legally required documents
    • BREEAM 2012 and 2016 documentation requirements

    The third group is optional and can be disabled through the settings menu.

08. December 2021

  • AI suggestions for Construction objects

    To help with construction object selection, Cobuilder has developed an AI tool which suggests the objects, based on the product’s name. It is now added as a step in the Create product flow.

24. November 2021

  • Create / Edit Product – filtration by document

    An additional filtration of construction objects is now available in the Create and Edit product screens. Construction objects can now be browsed also by the standard they are based on.