Product Manager

Your mission

You will work as part of a cross-functional team on the mission to make the Construction Industry in the world more efficient and technologically advanced. You will have the chance to deep dive into the Construction industry actors’ challenges and turn your ideas into products and the products into platforms, to build state-of-the art systems that solve problems and watch them scale exponentially. While doing so, you will have the challenge to prove that good products do not age and are easy to evolve.

Why you will love this job:

  • Ownership of solution – you are expected to solve client problems, not just analyze features. Understand the problem, analyze it, discuss solutions that fit our product strategy, validate, implement, and celebrate the achievement. And always make sure the clients are really receiving value from the product by measuring it.
  • Bring change to the world – the construction industry has a huge impact on the environment and on our quality of life. All spaces that we use – at home, work, or entertainment, can be built and maintained more efficiently with lower impact to our planet and better meeting our needs through technology. We participate in exciting projects like the development of highly futuristic cities and constantly challenge ourselves to imagine how our software would work for low-gravity buildings in Space!
  • Job-security and space to innovate – while we have established a financially stable business on the Norwegian market, we are also on a mission to completely conquer the world of the construction industry. This means that we are working both on innovative projects and mature ones that drive the main wheels.
  • Work-life balance – We value the harmony between professional and personal life very highly and strive to create conditions for it.
  • Being informed – We are making sure everyone is up to date with the latest news and developments in the company.
  • Speaking your mind. No matter what your position is – your ideas, proposals and feedback are always valued.

Job responsibilities:

  • Understand our customers and the way they use the products from Cobuilder platform via Discovery process;
  • Collect requirements from various stakeholders and client interviews using basic set techniques;
  • Prioritize requirements according to the company roadmap and objectives;
  • Make sure the built solution solves the customer problems. Be an advocate for the customer;
  • Collaborate with other Product Managers, contributing to the creation of a comprehensive company roadmap;
  • Break down complex technical problems into small, release-able, user valuable features;
  • Collaborate with QAs, Engineers, Product Managers, and UI/UX teams to develop products and technologies;

Requirements for the role:

  • University degree in Business Administration, Civil Engineering or Architecture
  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience in product owner/business analyst/product manager role working with digital products
  • Experience with or demonstratable knowledge in Agile, LEAN & Product management
  • Ability to plan, manage, track and deliver on commitments
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Willingness to learn and develop your skills further
  • Customer-oriented mindset
  • Experience or degree in architecture, civil engineering or similar is a plus.

Work-life at Cobuilder:

Hiring process:

We’ve integrated a virtual hiring process, conducting candidate interviews through phone or video calls for a more efficient and accessible recruitment experience.

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