​​W​​elcome to the Cobuilder Brand Portal

Here you will find an initial toolkit of some needed brand assets &
materials that will help you represent the Cobuilder brand correctly.

The Cobuilder Logo

Please, right click on the logos below and download the version you need.


Cobuilder Logo Colour for digital use


The Cobuilder Negative for digital use

Forbidden alterations on the logos in the Cobuilder family:

  • do not distort the logo
  • do not change colours
  • do not use effects such as shadows
  • do not use dark logo on dark background
  • do not use negative logo on light backgrounds

Cobuilder in Written form

Company name in written and verbal communication:

  • Always capitalise the letter C = Cobuilder
  • Never write the name in all caps or lower case
  • Cobuilder is to be pronounced as a single word. Not co-builder.

Company product names in written communication:

  • The first letter of product names is always capitalized (Exception: goBIM) Eg. Cobuilder Collaborate
  • Use the complete Cobuilder product name in all prominent applications, including titles, headlines, press release headlines, headers, subheads, signage, banners, and all other similar situations.
  • It is permissible to omit Cobuilder from the product name ONLY in Cobuilder owned media and only after the first full mention of the product name.