Cobuilder releases a new tool for managing Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements in projects

Modified on October 8, 2021

In September, Cobuilder released a new module in its solution Collaborate that helps projects to automatically check and ensure that the construction products and materials they are applying are approved for use in projects seeking Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification.

In Norway, our home market, we have a long tradition of delivering solutions that facilitate regulatory compliance, risk management of hazardous chemicals and implementation of environmental requirements, among others BREEAM.

In the past few years, the growing importance of sustainability in the construction industry has led to a significant increase in the number of projects implementing environmental certification schemes, and there has been a strong demand for digital solutions to support the sector in its efforts to adopt sustainability practices.

Managing Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements in Cobuilder Collaborate

In the past year, Cobuilder has been working closely with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the leading Nordic housing developer JM to create a solution that facilitates the selection of construction products in projects that are applying for certification. Through integration with the Supply chain declaration portal of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the products delivered to projects in Cobuilder Collaborate are automatically validated against the certification requirements, and users receive notifications if deviations occur. The mapping of the products is done through the open, global standard for product identification, GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). The use of GTIN identifiers in both the Supply chain declaration portal and Cobuilders database ensures correct product identification and enables automatic check against the product data stored in the Supply chain declaration portal of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Automating tasks and processes

‘We are experiencing a significant rise in projects seeking certification. The number of Swan-certified buildings in Norway has increased ninefold in the last 3 years, and we are very pleased with this development’, says Anders Ødegaard Gammelsrud in Ecolabelling Norway. ‘Swan certification of buildings is demanding as the requirements are strict and extensive. Through this collaboration with Cobuilder, we would like to help projects automate some of their tasks and processes. Swan Ecolabelled building materials that are compliant with our strict requirements can always be used in projects seeking certification, and these also give extra points. However, construction projects are very complex, therefore we do not require that all installed products are eco-labeled. This is why our Supply chain declaration portal also provides a list of construction products that only meet the minimum requirements for use in projects that seek certifications.’

A complete solution

The leading housing developer JM has played an important role in the planning and design of the new module. As the first contractor in Norway to start certifying all of its projects, JM has a lot of experience with the practical work around the certification requirements and has been able to contribute with input throughout the development process.

‘We have been looking forward to the release of this functionality’, says Cecilie Nødtvedt, Sustainability and Environment Consultant at JM Norway. ‘We have used Collaborate in all our projects to keep control of chemicals and products and to be able to deliver a digital logbook of all components in each of our Swan-certified buildings. With the new filter, we will have a complete solution to be able to work with quality assurance and documentation of products in an efficient way. This will help us streamline our processes, which is crucial in our strategy for a more industrialised housing production.’

‘Sustainability is a key topic in the construction industry today and naturally an important priority in the development of our solutions, says Lars Fredenlund, CEO at Cobuilder. – In order to achieve the sustainability goals set by the European Green Deal and the Norwegian government’s Climate Plan, we must be able to realize the full potential of digital technology. It is important to provide the industry with good tools that will make it possible to work efficiently with complex environmental requirements in projects.’

The new tool for managing Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements in projects is currently available to the actors in the Norwegian market.

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