goBIM users to benefit from the newly launched Products API v.1

Modified on May 12, 2020

Cobuilder is pleased to announce the released Products API v.1, which will replace the existing goBIM API. This means better system performance which allows smooth integration of client`s internal software with other IT platforms and solutions.

The Products API v.1 enables users to quickly integrate goBIM with their existing internal databases and software systems such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP), digital asset management, product information management (PIM) and others, in order to easily structure and standardise their product data.

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What’s new with this API?

The new API version will allow goBIM users to integrate the structured data with external 3D authoring tools and various plugins much faster and in a more scalable way. This means a better performance and an increased volume of queries. These integrations of the structured data bring the benefit of the consistent flow of data to external client-facing software that are becoming more and more important as marketing channels for the manufacturer. If any updates are done in the source systems those will be automatically reflected in all other connected platforms, ensuring aligned, error-free and real-time data.

Apart from better system performance, goBIM Products API v1 provides a new feature called “Products on the Fly”. This has been integrated by our partner KSB, to further advance their online product configurator. Thus, through the goBIM API, the end-users can interact with a single chosen interface that allows them to instantly configure specific products and link them to 3D BIM CAD objects provided by our partner CADENAS. The result is huge amount of product data flowing seamlessly back and forth between the different platforms to meet the needs of each individual construction project.

Most notably among the technical improvements the new API provides better traceability where the users can track the exact timing and location of a certain request.

What are the advantages?

From a technical standpoint, the advantages of the new Products API v.1 include:

  • Separated endpoints that return data regarding a specific object
  • Small and better-separated data transfer objects
  • Better performance and possibility for scaling based on Microservices
  • Cloud-based API in Microsoft Azure
  • New authentication based on OAuth client credentials flow
  • Using Microsoft Azure API Management for auto-generated technical documentation, API Gateway, etc.
  • Better application monitoring with Azure Application Insights
  • Used top edge technologies – .Net Core, Microservices, etc.
  • Better version management for future changes
  • New common URL address for the company APIs

A next step that is planned for the end of the month is to move the new API to a public URL.

If you have any questions regarding the Cobuilder Products API v.1, please contact us.