In a global world where manufacturers compete less and less on the basis of efficiencies incurred during fabrication, the added-value capabilities of a business become to most prominent driver of economic growth. Here is how Cobuilder helps you add value to the construction product data in your manufacturing business:


Digitise, structure and share your product data through your Cobuilder goBIM account.


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  • A single system to host your product data, documents and 3D objects;

  • Ensuring your data is structured in a way consistent with your internal policies and any relevant external standards and regulations through Product Data Templates.

  • Providing a norm-based translation mechanism that ensure the accurate translations of your product data are mapped between languages and between norms;

  • Allowing you to export your product data in any format and to make it available in any software and on any international market.

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  • Providing you with a dedicated repository to collect & manage your product data assets, their relationships, and unify the processes used to integrate, govern, analyse and secure those assets throughout your different business branches;

  • Normalizing and cleansing your data from a myriad of data sources so that synonyms, translations etc. are always mapped to the same unique identifier;

  • Helping you exchange data precisely and consistently between your internal systems (PIM, DAM, SAP, ERP, WEB, etc.) by maintaining a single source of truth for your data.

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  • Creating your web-based product data catalogue and making it available to the market. Uniting your product-centric data with customer-centric analytics;

  • Increasing the value of your product data by making it available to contractors in their IM systems;

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  • Turning 3D models into a unique marketing platform for your products by populating your searchable, calculable, interoperable product data.

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