Luxembourg launches product circularity data sheets in a bid to boost circularity

In 2018, the Luxembourg government launched an important digitalisation initiative which aims to promote ciruclarity by improving data-sharing efficiencies. The initiative is called Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS).

The Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) is a standardised digital “fingerprint” for sharing trusted data on the circularity characteristics of products across supply chains. The PCDS was developed by the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and +ImpaKT, a leading circular economy expert, in collaboration with more than 50 international organisations. The PCDS will be made available to thousands of users through Cobuilder’s solution Define.

Learn more about this collaboration in our press release.

An effective circular economy that is designed for high-quality continuous material loops requires the circulation of not only resources, but also information.

Better availability of the information can be achieved by developing a standardised way of presenting data. This way, data can be exchanged freely by all stakeholders and can be integrated in various platforms and solutions. The initiative Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) which was launched by the Ministry of Economy involves also a number of multinational and regional manufacturers & platforms. It focuses on making basic circularity data widely available in a decentralised way. PCDS has of an open-source data format from which standardised statements can be extracted and used by other stakeholders and platforms across the supply chain.

Cobuilder was chosen as the provider of the digital solution that will be used to deploy the digital circularity data sheets. The PCDS is integrated into Cobuilder’s solution Define as digital standardised data templates. Cobuilder Define allows organisations to implement the latest data management standards EN ISO 23386 & 87 which ensure data quality and interoperability.

Read more about the implementation of the project in our case study.

The ultimate goal of this project initiated by the government of Luxembourg is to transform PCDS into an industry standard for sharing circularity data. This international standardisation effort is organised in several phases:

More information about PCDS is available here.