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What are Data Templates?

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As a manufacturer, you are the most credible source of data related to the construction products, materials, systems and components you produce. Yet, as your business grows, so does your data. You end up managing many data silos leading to data duplicates and inconsistencies. Maintaining your data becomes a never-ending challenge that has your teams wasting huge amounts of time to clarify, correct and recreate missing or redundant data. Time that is better spent on revenue-generating activities.

The solution to these complex issues is quite simple: structure all your data in a way that ensures machine-readability and interoperability with all existing and future systems.

With the goBIM software solution, Cobuilder can help you achieve both your short- and long-term data goals. In the short term, you will experience improved automation within your own organization and access to the digital market. You will re-gain confidence in your own data and be sure that you are feeding designers, engineering companies, contractors and developers reliable, accurate and updated data – and doing so in compliance with international and local standards and requirements.

In the longer term, you can create and market your own data catalogues, generate usability data, create forecasts, and get your data into digital twins. You will be ready for anything the digital future has to offer.

How to get started?

Each organization is at a different stage of its digital transformation journey and your business has little or no use of a ‘one size fits all’ solution for managing product data. Cobuilder can help you develop your digital data strategy and implement a solution that will be an integral part of your current IT infrastructure. Thus, we can help you experience the value of your data by ensuring you control how it flows through any internal or external systems.


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Data modelling and governance

As a data entity, a ‘product’ is an ambiguous term in most organisations. Manufacturers need to look at devising a common technical vocabulary concerning the data they manage in terms of the objects it applies to, their attributes and structures. This lies at the center of their BIM-readiness.

  • Manage structured data using a data dictionary
  • Use common logic between systems
  • Devise a single source of information for all your departments/subsidiaries
  • Implement a consistent strategy for dealing with local requirements
  • Introduce governance practices and assign data champions across your organisation
  • Create data templates for different purposes

Standardisation and Compliance Management

Collaboration with any internal or external party becomes an efficiency challenge when your data is not structured in the same way, not to mention the regulatory compliance issues that may arise due to inconsistencies. Structuring your data through Data Templates, solves such issues.

  • Populate data in templates that are in accordance with the current EN & ISO standards
  • Declare data based on the standards your products are tested against
  • Instantly produce data sheets with different levels of information
  • Internationalise your business through automated translations
  • Export machine-readable data to different systems

Integration with the internal application landscape

Each organization is at a different stage of its digital transformation journey and your business has little or no use of a ‘one size fits all’ solution for managing product data. For your data management needs, you should think of a solution that is an integral part of your current IT infrastructure and a major improvement to how data flows through it.

  • Understand and then eliminate all the data silos in your organisation
  • Create linked data through API integrations
  • Use a single system for data entry to drive down costs
  • Automate labour-heavy data entry and maintenance tasks
  • Create value to your customers by providing high-quality data

Integration with 3D CAD Objects

Cobuilder collaborates with 3D CAD object providers to enable manufacturers to take advantage of  standardised, structured data, which is enriched with their 3D/BIM/CAD data within a single product catalogue solution. This is how architects and planners can access the data they need at any point in time and also can trust that they are using the latest and greatest information directly from the manufacturer.

  • Enrich generic 3D objects with specific data and properties
  • Take advantage of custom parametric objects with embedded data
  • Use a straightforward marketing channel to share your data to 3D models

Sharing with the market

The data you share create value down the whole supply chain and thus should be under your control. The digital representation of your product comes with a lot of benefits to your clients and that is why you should always be in charge of how you share it, analyse it and sell it.

  • Create and market your data catalogue
  • Generate usability data and create forecasts
  • Always make sure that your data is up-to-date
  • Maintain meaningful relationships with clients based on data
  • Get your data into the digital marketplace
  • A branded data catalogue is offered as an additional service

Data Consulting Service

A common data strategy should not come as an unwanted outside influence. It should be based on clearly communicated goals and real user needs. After all, all software in Industry 4.0 will require product data and competitive businesses will immensely benefit from a common approach.

  • Analyze the current data models used among departments and teams
  • Gather structured insights into the needs of current and future data consumers
  • Consult in the development of Data Templates
  • Communicate data modelling benefits to all affected parties
  • Devise staged implementation plans.


To achieve real benefits from digitisation,

data must flow freely between software and systems.

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