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  • goBIM’s Product Data Template methodology allows you to choose the relevant standard that defines the characteristics of your product and fill in a user-friendly data ‘questionnaire’ within the system’s interface. The result? An online Product Data Sheet for each product – a true digital passport;
What is a product data template
  • ‘Product Types’ help you to easily link products with their corresponding standard requirements, classifications, translations and of course load the correct template;
  • Classification systems such as Uniclass 1.4, Uniclass 2015, Omniclass, SFG20, NRM3, NS 3451, TFM also help you find the right template. Cobuilder’s PDTs are mapped to 13 national and international classifications;
  • Product characteristics are grouped into categories such as ‘Performance’, ‘Environmental’ etc. for relevance purposes;
  • Inputting data for a product characteristic goes as far as declaring which test methods have been used to state a certain value for a specific property or characteristic;
Standardise Your Data
  • goBIM not only allows you to host and manage your data, you can also host and manage your documents and 3D Objects as attachments to your Product Data Sheet;
  • As you create your product‘s digital data sheets you complete your online product catalogue where all the data about your products is made available for all who require it.


  • Through the use of a Common Data Dictionaries (buildingSMART Data Dictionary, LEXiCON, PPBIM )goBIM allows organisations to export their product data in any format and to make it available in any software and on any international market;
  • The most popular exports from the system are PDF, Excel, COBie (IFC) and formats native to systems such as Autodesk Revit;
  • Any kind of document attached to the PDS can also be downloaded;
  • Furthermore, goBIM comes together with an Autodesk Revit plugin that allows Revit users to browse your organisation’s product catalogue and tag Revit objects with your specific products’ properties and the right corresponding values;
  • As part of Cobuilder’s integrated portfolio goBIM is integrated witha system allowing contractors to browse your data and collect it in order to produce the data sets needed for creat their Asset Information Models (Find out more);
  • Finally, goBIM offers an Analytics dashboard. There the user collects market intelligence about which of their products are performing best in terms of views and downloads;
  • Coming soon: goBIM users will be able to share their data in an open online data platform where architects, specifiers, contractors etc. will search products based on the product data they need.


  • Currently the Product Data Templates in goBIM are based on a general European consensus, which implies that the level of information encompasses properties that are to be used in all European member states;

  • However, in order to meet local needs Cobuilder’s encourages personalisation of the PDTs through a functionality for adding properties, which are specific for an organisation’s country of operation (or other geographical area);
  • goBIM gives manufacturers the opportunity to access and use multilingual versions of any Product Data Templates, as soon as that PDT, including all its properties, test methods and units has been translated into that particular language. Translation services are offered on demand (Find out more in ‘Additional Services’);
Translate and Personalise

Additional Services


  • Cobuilder creates Product Data Templates based on any specific organisational requirements;

  • The PDT could either be created in accordance with requirements that are verified by the organisation’s appointed local experts or could be adapted via adding custom properties, based on standards which are relevant to the organisation’s business area;
  • The scope of this services provided by Cobuilder is subject to discussion and further definition through different workshops;
  • Please, contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this service.


  • Cobuilder provides quality translations, which are based on the Common Technical Language for construction products, defined by the European Commission and the relevant Technical Committees (CEN/CENELEC/ISO);
  • The scope of this services provided by Cobuilder is subject to discussion and further definition through different workshops;
  • Please, contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this service.
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Automate and Manage

  • Through the goBIM API Automation service you can integrate your PDT-based database with both internal and third-party software;
  • Through goBIM API Automation services you can populate goBIM with your existing PIM, DAM, ERP database;
  • This additional service also allows the data hosted in goBIM to be embedded in 3D/BIM objects;
  • Please, contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this service.

Market and Share

  • Cobuilder offers to create your Branded Product Catalogue;
  • This means that the product catalogue available in goBIM could be set free from goBIM and rebranded according to the organisations’ specific brand identity guidelines;
  • The product catalogue can be visualised on a separate webpage/portal and integrated in the organisation’s website. Thus, the catalogue will be available on a separate URL as part of the organisation’s web presence and reflecting its digital marketing strategy;
  • Please, contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this service.
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goBIM Product Data Template


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  • Administrate products
    Create up to three professional Product Data Sheets on the basis of two Product Data Templates;
  • Administrate documents
    Upload and connect an unlimited number of documents to your Product Data Sheets;
  • Full export functionalities
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    Be the first to know about premium features such as our new open online data platform which opens up a whole new marketing channel for manufacturers.

goBIM Premium drops all limitations allowing you to add unlimited products to the platform while fully unlocking your data’s interoperability potential.

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