goBIM – Most Innovative Product – What is in a name?

This year, Cobuilder’s tool for digitising construction product data based on standards goBIM continues its winning streak as MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT winning three awards within three weeks. In June goBIM was recognised to be the leader in the Product Innovation category at the Offsite Construction Awards in the UK and at Innovations, Technology & Sourcing Awards, organised by BAA and BASSCOM – the industry associations uniting leading Bulgarian software development and sourcing companies. Last but not least, goBIM was also recognised as leading sustainable solution by the Bulgarian Green Awards – a prominent cross-industry award celebrating best practice in the promotion of sustainable living, technology and social change.

goBIM Awards

In 2016 goBIM was also recognized as the most Innovative Product enabling BIM adoption throughout the supply chain by several UK awards (Best BIM Adoption, Rise Awards 2016; Product innovation, Constructing excellence in Wales 2016; Best BIM Newcomer BIM4SME Awards 2016). A truly international business, founded and conceived in Norway and fully-supported by its Bulgarian-based R&D, IT, Marketing, Finance and Customer Care teams, goBIM was successfully launched first on the UK market and later on in Norway, France, Germany, Finland and Italy. So what is in a name: goBIM – BEST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT?

Most INNOVATIVE Product?

The reason goBIM is so INNOVATIVE lies in an industry, in which for the last 500 years we have relied on paper as the means of sharing (product) information and the most cutting-edge process innovation was the use of PDF and email over the last 20 years. In this sense, goBIM reflects not a revolution, but the natural evolution of utilising structured live data in a world, in which the construction industry should rise to the standards of BIG IDEAS such as Industry 4.0, BIG data, Mixed reality, BIM (Building information Modelling), IoT, machine learning etc.

The key innovation is how we make the data available in multiple formats and languages at the touch of a button. By utilising a common technological language and data formats based on ISO standards such as IFC, IFD, IDM  (openBIM standards) goBIM creates the DIGITAL PASSPORT of each product in a way that is consistent across different human and machine languages and can be used by anyone at any stage of any iterative process such as the integrated, collaborative, life-cycle based construction process of today.

DATA at the center

goBIM does not reinvent product data, it just allows manufacturers – the only credible authors of product information – to structure it in a template, based on the relevant standards and test methods their products are tested and developed against. In this way, data can become linked to any possible use, software or model, so that it does what it is intended to – it serves as the basis of informed, traceable and transparent choices that become translated in added value to any person, organisation, asset and society in general.

French BIM Standardization Roadmap

Yey! The goBIM team is ready to have the world GO BIM!

The scope of goBIM today is focused on the construction industry, but creating the means to structure data according to legislative, standard, market and user resources is bigger than an industry. It is Cobuilder’s passionate mission to digitise the construction industry today, but the possibilities for the future are limitless.