Frédéric Grand joins Cobuilder for stronger presence in France

BIM implementation is among the highest priorities for many businesses within the construction industry. This is why, Cobuilder is proud to announce that we continue our mission to digitise the construction sector through our recently established French subsidiary – now headed by Frédéric Grand. From June 1st, he will be the CEO of Cobuilder France and our official representative on the French market.

BIM knowledge expanding

Frédéric Grand is a member of the steering committee of bSDD (buildingSMART Data Dictionnary) and leads the Mediaconstruct working group for implementation of common exchange formats between BIM software and catalogs/libraries. He is also a French expert at the CEN / TC 442 / WG4 and a member of the AFNOR PPBIM standardization committee. He is one of the editors of the XP P07-150 standard and participant in the PTNB experimental project for Mediaconstruct. Frédéric Grand is one of the authors of the PTNB’s BIM Standardisation Roadmap for the French Construction Industry, published in April this year. As a true BIM believer and a doer, he will undoubtedly contribute to the successful positioning of coBuilder’s products on the French market.
In France, Cobuilder will focus on of the process of exchanging product data supplied by manufacturers. The goal of Cobuilder is to promote the benefits of digitising product information and communicate that 3D geometry is not sufficient in a BIM workflow. The key to the success of the digital transition is in the use of well-structured and standard-based data. In order to have an assembled digital model of the building, the model must be enriched with accurate, standardized product data, coming from the most credible source – the manufacturer.

Frederic Grand joins coBuilder

The situation in the French construction sector

At the beginning of 2015, the French government launched the Plan for the digital transition in the building industry (PTNB) in order to accelerate the deployment of digital tools and processes throughout the building sector. The XP P07-150 standard put forward by the AFNOR PPBIM standardization committee made the first essential step towards establishing a common data dictionary approach, describing the concepts (properties) defining all components and structures used in a BIM process. Its experimental implementation within the framework of the PPBIM project, financed by the PTNB, allowed validating the methodology in practice. In addition, the governmental initiative PTNB (Plan for the digital transition in the building industry) highlighted the need for a roadmap describing the French strategy for BIM pre-standardization and standardization efforts. This roadmap came forward in 2017 and became one of the many successful steps in defending the interests of the French construction industry on the European and international scene.

Cobuilder on the French construction market

For the last two years,Cobuilder has become known to the French market through different events such as the highly successful BIM WORLD. Our position in the French BIM community is only to become more prominent as now industry recognized thought-leaders such as Frédéric Grand are joining the cause. Our ambition is to become not only the standardisation experts in the construction industry Europe-wide, but also to become the standard for collaborative BIM data software for the industry.

With that in mind, we welcome Frédéric in the Cobuilder family and wish him a pleasant BIM journey with us!