Fabien Crochetet appointed as UK Regional Sales Manager at Cobuilder

We are pleased to announce and welcome Fabien Crochetet as the new Cobuilder Regional Sales Manager responsible for the UK market.

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“I am glad to be part of a very experienced team at Cobuilder made of industry experts. Together we aim at pursuing our mission through the respect and enrichment of current and future industry standards. I look forward to continuing this success whilst bringing a fresh new approach. I am eager to help any organization to increase efficiencies and reap the benefits of structured & interoperable product data flowing through the project lifecycle.”

Fabien is well acquainted with the benefits that digitalization of the construction industry brings to the entire supply chain. He will enable our construction partners to take advantage of the digital transformation. Consequently, this will provide our partners with a technological edge over their competition.


Fabien has 15 years of sales management experience within the information technology and construction industry along with a strong grasp on the UK regional market.

He has worked across the value chain within the construction industry actors ranging from financial institutions, main contractors up to the manufacturers. Before Cobuilder, he was Sales Manager in “LetsBuild“, a digital construction software company. There he specialized in delivering customized IT solutions to customers like Osborne and IIkes Homes. For more than 11 years Fabien has worked for the computer technology corporation Oracle where he was Application Sales Manager and Channel Manager.

Over the years, he has built stable partnerships with trade organizations like Built UK. In addition, he has developed solutions around BIM and Facility management.

Fabien holds an MA in International Business from the University of Wolverhampton.

He is fluent in English, French and speaks a bit of Mandarin.

On the personal side, Fabien loves traveling, good food, and sports, especially football.

At Cobuilder

Having such a proven and talented professional on the board at Cobuilder, Fabien will work closely with our partners, establishing strategic alliances and empowering them to expand their business and increase profitability through standard-based digital data solutions.

Fabien will bring his invaluable expertise in affirming Cobuilder`s strong presence in the UK market. He will support strategic initiatives for sales and client acquisition and will effectively manage partner relationships across the construction industry.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Fabien Crochetet at crochetet@cobuilder.com or directly at his LinkedIn profile.