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DoPcreator Has Evolved

If you were looking for DoPcreator in order to find a digitally optimised way of managing PDFs such as you Declarations of Performance you have come to the right place. Even though DoPcreator has evolved, Cobuilder offers solutions to digitise your information-rich files through Product Data Templates. Please, contact us if you want to find out more.

What happened to DoPcreator?
Smart CE Marking
About DoP Consultancy


DoPcreator was one of Cobuilder’s first solutions to digitising construction product data according to Harmonised EU standards under the CPR. The scope of this solution was to create digitally enabled Declarations of Performance that could be used across systems and by many different users. With the development of the Product Data Template methodology, however, this effort has evolved to be an integral part and a starting point of data management solutions with an extended scope such as goBIM and Cobuilder Define

Cobuilder Define

Smart CE Marking

Smart CE marking

Today, creating the digital connection between the construction product and the regulatory information related to it has become an important part of the worldwide shift towards digital-enabled construction and is being developed under the Smart CE Marking initiative. This initiative is aligned with the BIM Standardisation efforts lead by CEN technical committee 442 and Construction Products Europe. Using harmonised digital formats such as IFCxml (still in development) the access to information that is already available in PDF will be moved to the cloud.

This information can then be used by tools such as goBIM and Cobuilder Define that allow intricate mapping between product characteristics and different classifications, languages etc. as well as further enriched with further data according to the client’s requirements (BREEAM data, O&M data, COBie data etc.) and their specific context  (national regulations, LEXiCON, PPBIM etc.). All of this is possible through the application of the Product Data Template methodology, that is soon to become a CEN standard.

If you need any further information about the development of the Smart CE Marking, how can you move from Managing PDFs (Such as DoPs and Technical specifications) to managing data through Product Data Templates, please contact us for our ‘Costruction Product Data under the CPR’ consultancy services or check out our products goBIM and Cobuilder Define.

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