Digitising the French construction Industry

After 18 successful years of operation in the Norwegian and Swedish construction sector, and over 5000 customers, the digital data experts Cobuilder are entering the French market with one core mission – to help digitise the French construction industry. Cobuilder is recognized pioneer in the implementation of BIM technologies for the exploitation of construction products data. In 2015 the company also started its expansion in the UK and has recently announced multi-million contractor SKANSKA as their clients.

Cobuilder is a buildingSMART International member and has a leading role in the EU project ProductInfoX, focusing on developing the buildingSMART Data Dictionary as the key dictionary used by the industry. The company has already contributed to the dictionary by creating datasets based on CEN and ISO standards in several European languages including French. Cobuilder has also been working to align the bSDD with the recent French PPBIM initiative (XP P07-150 standard) to document the properties workflow, in order to ensure the highest quality of the data entered in the dictionary

“Our setup in France is now a reality and we are looking forward to work with all construction industry professionals in order to digitize the French construction Industry” says Lars Chr. Fredenlund CEO of coBuilder.

Why now and why France?

Nowadays, governments, countries and individual users require seamless digital collaboration more than ever. Monitoring these changes in the external environment, the French government has introduced the “Plan Transition Numerique dans le Batiment” that aims to “mobilise and support the sector… to quickly take the digital revolution by deploying operational actions that unite initiatives, capitalise on what exists and create the conditions for a shared benefit for the entire industry”.

Since 2015 the government has awarded €20 mill funding to be used on BIM implementation till 2017. As the anticipated savings derived from BIM equal to over 20% on CAPEX, all eyes are on the vast benefits that BIM is bringing to the construction industry. That is why the introduction of Cobuilder’s goBIM (for product manufacturers) and Cobuilder Collaborate (for contractors, clients and facilities managers) is just what the doctor ordered for the French construction industry.

Cobuilder is taking the opportunity of the BIM World Conference on 6th and 7th of April to announce the availability of its products portfolio in France

Moving from PDFs to DATA

As hard it may seem to believe, most data about construction products today is hosted in out-of-date online databases, unsearchable PDF catalogues and internal PIM systems. This is a huge challenge to the BIM philosophy of collaboration and accurate data exchange through all the stages of construction. That is why in order to lift information out of such inefficient sources Cobuilder is set on path to rethink the idea of the “digital catalogue”.

Because there is no BIM without accurate manufacturer’s data, the first step to BIM is covered by Cobuilder’s tool goBIM. It transfers manufacturers’ product information into DATA through the Product Data template paradigm, which is commonly referred to as the fastest and most affordable way to take the manufacturer’s product data and put it into interoperable data structures. goBIM’s key feature and most important driver of commercial advantage is that these data are then sharable in multiple formats such as IFC, REVIT, ARCHICAD and in multiple languages – as this is undoubtedly required by the industry today.

Collaboration is key

The second step to a seamless digital collaboration Cobuilder has envisioned as the Cobuilder Collaborate (previously ProductXchange) platform. The platform allows contractors and subcontractors to collect “as built” product data and documents SDSs, Technical sheets, BREEAM ratings, EPDs, DoPs and check them against EU standards and national or market-specific requirements such as the CPR, REACH, BREEAM etc. Having construction products information available as interoperable data helps contractors to monitor everything that has been bought and installed in a building and enables them to prepare all the handover information as an “as-built” model with attributed data.

Localisation to the French market

“Cobuilder’s ambitions have outgrown the focus on national solutions, and we have been busy developing a common European platform that will save vast amounts of costs incurred by the construction industry.  Our setup in France is now a reality and we are  looking forward to work with all construction industry professionals in order to digitize the French construction Industry” says Lars Chr. Fredenlund CEO of coBuilder.

“We will soon announce more information on our setup in France in order to arrange the distribution of our software product to the fruitful French market. We are now launching our different products in French, and you are welcome to contact us anytime” concluded Mr. Fredenlund.




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