Digitalisation initiatives in Sweden

The Swedish national digitalisation programme Smart Built Environment was started in 2016. It is a government financed programme that provides support to the public construction sector through research, development and innovation.

Smart Built Environment plays a key role in the digitalisation efforts of the Swedish construction industry seeking to help actors in exploring new processes and business models in order to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Smart Built Environment supports and coordinates a number of different initiatives within 4 key areas:

  • Information infrastructure
  • Knowledge and competence
  • Innovations and new applications
  • Value chains and business models

Information about all ongoing initiatives is available here.

The Information infrastructure area focuses on common infrastructure, standardisation of the exchange and integration of information, information structures for life-cycle perspectives, etc.

One of the most recent projects under the Information infrastructure theme seeks to explore the use of data templates to standardise information exchange across the value chain.

The expected benefits of the project are:

  • Improved information flow between actors in the value chain, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, customers.
  • Improved decision making based on product information.
  • Enabling integration of digital product information in processes to facilitate the management of projects and activities towards reduced climate impact.
  • Identifying shortcomings in the information flow that require further development work.
More information about the project is available on the website of Smart Built Environment.

In addition to the multiple ongoing projects that are supported by the Smart Built Environment programme, there are many other digitalisation initiatives and pilot projects that are run collaboratively by different industry actors.

Christer Green, Product Information Specialist at Swedish wood

The Swedish industry organisation of timber manufacturers and wholesalers, Swedish wood, is one of those actors who are actively involved in many different projects. In their pilot project Cenderhusen, they are working with other stakeholders to explore ways of reducing environmental impact and improving decision-making on the basis of accurate and timely information exchange.

They are also involved in other projects that focus specifically on data standardisaton – both at the national and international level.

Read our interview with Christer Green, Product Information Specialist at Swedish wood.

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