Data dictionary for the Danish construction industry

Similar to other Nordic countries, the digitalisation efforts in the Danish construction sector are initiated and driven by the industry itself. One of the major stakeholders involved in these processes is Molio.

Molio is a Danish Construction Information Centre that provides digital tools and services to ensure that all parties in the construction industry, from builders, architects and consulting firms to major contractors and minor craftsmen, can get the latest knowledge, as well as information on legislations and practices. The digital tools and services from Molio are developed to promote growth, digitization and streamlining, both within individual companies and across the entire industry.

Recently, Molio initiated a large-scale project together with Cobuilder to create a data dictionary for the Danish construction industry. This enables the use of a common “digital language” that allows actors across the entire sector to freely exchange digital data.

Christina Hvid, CEO of Molio

‘One of the key challenges for the wider adoption of digital technology in construction has been the lack of an industry-agreed method for digitising and exchanging digital information, says Christina Hvid, CEO of Molio. ‘This is one of the reasons why we, as an industry, haven’t been able to leverage the potential of digital data and are still heavily dependent on time-consuming manual processes in all stages of the construction process. This, of course, affects the bottom line. The ambitious goal of our new project is to change all that.’

As part of the project, Molio will implement Cobuilder’s solution Define – a standard-based data dictionary that is used to develop data structures, called data templates, for digitising and sharing construction object data. The data templates will be created according to the latest international standards for data management thus ensuring data quality and interoperability.


The roll-out of the data templates will be a multistep process. As part of the first project phase Molio will gain access to data templates developed by Cobuilder and tailor them to the needs of the Danish construction sector. These will be made available through a dedicated platform for beneficiaries such as manufacturers, consultants, clients, etc. As a next stage, the data templates will be accessible through an API integration service, allowing enterprises to integrate them directly as part of their IT infrastructure and software vendors to incorporate them in their core business offerings. The end goal of the project is to facilitate and speed up the adoption of this common digital language across the entire Danish construction industry.

More information about the project is available on Molio’s website.