Define for Manufacturers

Unleash the power of construction product information

Our Speakers

Nikolai Halle

Strategic Sales, Cobuilder

Georgi Stoyanov

Project Manager, Cobuilder

Angel Jimenez

Digital Innovation Director, Genuit Group

Join our new webinar specifically designed for construction product Manufacturers and uncover the power of your data.

Get insights on standard-based product information to improve compliance, business, and trading operations.

Special Guest: Angel Jimenez, Digital Innovation Director, Genuit Group

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Start using standardised data formats to structure, verify and exchange information with all construction stakeholders.
  • Ensure interoperability, compliance with product and environmental regulations by adopting a centralised data management strategy.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, converting data into different formats, tracking, and transferring data, etc.
  • Turn your data to your competitive advantage – deliver high-quality, standardised data that your clients can use in any system or BIM/PIM tool by API (Application Program Interface) access
  • Enter your data once and make it visible and accessible for all your customers throughout the value chain.

You will become familiar with the following standard-based tools:

  • Data dictionaries
  • Data templates and their applications
  • Common language for better data management

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