Construction product information interoperability achieved with the new Define Templates API v.3

In November, the technical operator of Define data dictionary, Cobuilder, released a new third version of Define data dictionary Templates API (Application Programming Interface). It provides third-party solutions with improved access to the content of the data dictionary. Templates API v.3 enables better performance, scalability, and more flexibility when it comes to integrating standardised data models into existing infrastructure.

With the advancement of technology, many construction organisations have developed and started implementing digital transformation strategies. The main objective is to improve work processes and introduce solid data management practices. To obtain exploitable, strategy-worthy data and achieve a high level of interoperability, software systems need standards-based common digital language and the optimal way of getting it is through an API integration with a data dictionary like Define.

“Digital transformation best practices include translating information into knowledge at every stage of the construction process. To achieve this, we must remove any information silos and let data flow freely between systems and construction actors across the industry.  This requires an integrated approach to data management.” – Frederic Grand, Chief BIM Data Architect and Head of Define and Link Division at Cobuilder.

For construction stakeholders, the flow of structured construction product data is key for business and sales operations. Templates API v.3 allows a smooth integration with BIM authoring tools, PIM systems, 3D modelling software, ERP and more. By providing all actors and systems with a unified digital language accessible through API, product information will become easier to create, manage and update. Moreover, improved information exchange will facilitate compliance, help actors work more efficiently with environmental goals and ensure overall data quality thanks to a well-established data government process.

Templates API v.3 is also available with ready-to-use content – international standards and industry recognised practices. These allow construction software vendors to expand their product / service offer by introducing internationally recognized product information data management. This enables manufacturers to start modelling their product data in a standard-based format directly in their PIM system or in BIM authoring tools.

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The new Templates API v.3 documentation is published on the Cobuilder Developer Portal.

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