Cobuilder is the Innovation award winner in the 2016 CE Wales Awards competition

Nick Tune holding the Wales Constructing Excellence Award for innovation 2016

Picture credits: Constructing Excellence Awards Wales 2016

The award is for focusing our work on BIMifying the British and the Welsh construction industry in particular throughout the past year.

Since the establishment of Cobuilder UK in June 2015, the company has been devoted to helping the construction industry embrace digital products’ data with the sole purpose to increase productivity, quality, profit and sustainability. Cobuilder is the first business in the UK that allows construction product manufacturers to structure their product information in multiple BIM formats and languages so that they can control that data and share it with their customers through openBIM. The leading-edge character of our innovation has to do with the decisive step away from PDFs as the main means of sharing information, towards fully utilising live and accurate construction data.

‘Winning the Innovation award is the best recognition we could get from the industry for the work we have been doing to digitise UK’s construction businesses. This award will help us spread the knowledge about BIM further and get noticed by even more companies that would step up into the digital era and join us in our mission to make the construction industry’s data interoperable and easier accessible through BIM’ said Nick Tune, CEO of Cobuilder UK straight after the Awards Ceremony.

The winners of the 10th CEW 2016 Awards were announced on Friday 15th July 2016, in front of 550 guests that attended the celebration at the Celtic Manor Resort, hosted by Jason Mohammad. The CEW Awards are one of the most prestigious events featuring excellence in the construction industry.

Winning this award opens the door for Cobuilder to popularise our work in Wales and engage with more Welsh construction businesses. Currently we are undertaking one project in Wales together with WRW construction, where our aim is to collect and share digital project data with the supply chain. Together with Cobuilder WRW is paving the way to better digital process based on BIM collaboration and resulting into improved data collection procedures and delighted customers.

The key innovation, for which Cobuilder received the award, is the most recently launched solution goBIM – a tool developed to enable manufacturers to make their products available in openBIM and thus give the manufacturing businesses a great competitive advantage within the BIM context. As we say in coBuilder, we BIMify their data, extracting it from the PDFs and making it available in BiM formats at the touch of a button and throughout the entire life cycle of a construction asset. In the past few months, together with our trial partners, we have also developed Cobuilder Collaborate (previously ProductXchange) – a tool for contractors, which helps them collect as built data and output it in different formats such COBie (the UK BIM Level 2 requirement) and IFC, Revit, Navisworks and ARCHICAD.

‘Without such a tool there wouldn’t be a way to create validated and checked as built models, which we are proud to call an innovation‘ explained Nick Tune.

The advance of BIM that turned it from a buzz word into an important differentiator for many construction companies – manufacturers, contractors, architects, software vendors etc. – decisively dominated the 2016 Awards. This is evident also by looking at the myriad of this year’s entries, which has been noticed and commented by the event organizer.