Cobuilder Supply

Showcase construction products and create digital product passports

What does it do?

Addressing the pressing need for standardized digital information throughout a product’s lifecycle, Cobuilder Supply is a
product passport platform that streamlines the construction industry’s data management.

Cobuilder Supply helps manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers to manage product data and documentation, showcase products, and most importantly sets them on the path to creating Digital Product Passports (DPP).

At the same time, Cobuilder Supply helps decision makers and users of construction product data like asset owners and contractors, with an easy way to find, compare, and choose the right construction products for their projects.

Streamlined data management

Consistency and accuracy in information

Compliance with legislation

Users stay ahead of regulatory changes

Enhanced transparency

Deeper understanding of products’ specifications

Sustainability focus

Streamline and elevate sustainability practices

Integration with the industry

Cobuilder Supply seamlessly integrates into your existing software ecosystem, making data management a breeze for your business, no matter if you are looking at managing data internally or sharing to external software and apps.

Prepare for the
upcoming changes

in the EU legislation for the
construction industry


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How can we help you?

We offer free customer support by e-mail and telephone.

We also have an extensive knowledge base with user guides and other useful content.