Cobuilder gets rebranded – same mission, brand new look!

Several months ago Cobuilder embarked on a long-awaited rebranding journey. Together with an outside branding agency, we assembled a team that collected mounds of insights based on competitor research, stakeholder interviews, customer feedback and designer input. This brand study helped us look at Cobuilder from a different perspective and discover who we are and who we want to be.

As a result of this corporate rebranding and repositioning project, Cobuilder recently launched the new corporate logo and visual identity. The logo is updated to represent the modern and progressive values of the company.

Cobuilder is set on a journey to bring people together around a shared vision for a better built environment through technological advancement.

The new position statement ‘Connecting construction to its digital tomorrow‘ reflects this new direction and lays the basis for the design concept behind the new logo. To introduce you to this concept in detail, here are some interesting insights into the main element in Cobuilder’s new look – the logo.

Cobuilder new logo


The logo features a refreshed color palette that stays true to its original idea of the bright orange ‘co’ – an emphasis on collaborative work, while also introducing  a vibrant navy blue to its new look. The shift from black to blue also emphasizes on the more sophisticated and premium feel of the brand.  The new logo enables the brand to project a modern view that makes it relevant to consumers who are on the lookout for technological solutions with a hint of passionate identity.

Eliminated Iconography

By eliminating the complexity and the dated iconography, the new visual identity gives Cobuilder a simplified yet memorable look. The logo is straight-forward and unmistakably proud on its own, following the trend for word mark-only logo design that technological giants such as HP have implemented in their modernised branding.


Simplicity and consistent logic are the two main factors for the design of the typography. Letters are sans-serif with fluid, sleek strokes. For a unique ‘edge’ the vertical strokes and the arms of the letters are cut at two different angles. This creates a feel of a modern ‘cityscape’ to represent the cutting-edge technologies that the company uses to create a better built environment.

The open bowl of the ‘b’

An interesting aspect of the logo is the open bowl of the letter ‘b’. This openness represents the connection between the world of ‘building’ and all of us as a collective. Together we are co-creating our reality. We are building bridges, we are connecting and creating meaningful relationships, so ‘building’ is not just about the structures that we live in – it is about our innate power to act and make a change.

Descriptors Type

Unity, equality and consistency are the values that were sough-after in the design of the descriptors. They are introduced in addition to the corporate brand to represent the different product-service offers of the company’s portfolio. The font is a complement to logo font sans the cuts. It brings a digital, futuristic feel to the logo + descriptor ensemble and is aligned to the front of the logo to create a sense of direction and connection as the eye follows its left to right logic.

Cobuilder Collaborate new logo

Visual Identity Implementation Next Steps

As you know, a brand is not just a logo. The new visual identity of Cobuilder is here to represent who we are and who we intend to be in the future. Cobuilder’s entire brand platform has been developed according to similar principles and concepts that we discussed above. Rebranding at Cobuilder is an agile process so changes will be taking place over the course of the following months. Systems, websites, collateral will be fully redesigned to fit the new brand platform.

So for now we can only say ‘Welcome tomorrow’ and enjoy the disruptive journey of implementing a new brand to the fullest.

Welcome tomorrow