Cobuilder Link Prices

STARTFlat rate in 2024! PRO MAX
Project turnover < 10 MEUR €83/month €210/month €625/month
Project turnover < 20 MEUR €83/month €420/month €1250/month
Project turnover < 50 MEUR €83/month €840/month €2500/month
For project turnover > 50 MEUR €83/month
buildingSMART Data Dictionary content
Basic Data Dictionary content
National Data Dictionary content for 1 country
European Data Dictionary content
Own Data Dictionary
Number of internal users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Included functionalities and services
IDS export
Excel export
Support by e-mail
Training/onboarding 1 hour
IFC Enrichment
Autodesk Construction Cloud connection


For larger enterprises with a need for their own data dictionary, an agreement can be negotiated upon request.