1. Getting started

2. Project Prerequisites

3. Information Requirements

4. Sharing and Collaboration

Enrich IFC

Cobuilder Link’s “Enrich IFC Model” feature enables you to enrich IFC files by adding alphanumeric information requirements to IFC entities, along with Object classifications.

Feature Workflow

Select Information Requirements: Start by filtering your LOIN list and selecting the data you want to enrich the IFC file with. Then click on the “Enrich IFC” button.

Import IFC File: Import the IFC file into Cobuilder Link. The system will recognize IFC entities, compare them to IFC classifications, and prepare them for enrichment.

Enriching the IFC File:

Add Classifications: The system associates Cobuilder Link Objects with IFC entities from the model and precisely assign other object’s classification. This helps ensure your model aligns not only with IFC but other classification structures as well.

Add Properties: The system adds properties to IFC entities based on selected information requirements. This process is carried out with attention to IFC mapping.

Property Measure and Values: Properties are exported with their IFC measure. Some properties are given a default value of “0.0” or “false” to make them visible in BIM modeling tools. These defaults can be edited by the responsible stakeholders.

Unique Property Handling: Existing properties with the same name are not overwritten.

Use of the Enriched IFC File: By enriching the IFC file with Cobuilder Link data, BIM modeling tools can access a comprehensive and structured dataset and use it as a delivery place for specifications from the responsible actors.