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Cobuilder Define

Cobuilder offers a solution to help organizations to make a crucial step toward the practical execution of their digital transformation strategy. This step is achieved through the implementation of future-proof data structures called Data Templates within their existing IT infrastructure.
Cobuilder Define is offered separately to organisations looking at data standardization through data templates for their internal data management practices. It is also offered as part of all Cobuilder Enterprise solutions specially catered to manufacturers’, contractors’ and clients’ needs.

Cobuilder Collaborate

Cobuilder Collaborate helps clients and contractors automate time-consuming processes and achieve a new level of collaboration across the supply-chain. Whether you need to produce a digital O&M (COBie) or a federated model in a BIM authoring software, the key to reducing waste lies in data management. With Collaborate you can set consistent data requirements, communicate them with the supply chain, check data deliveries against the requirements and produce accurate as-built models.

Cobuilder goBIM

Through Cobuilder‘s product goBIM, manufacturers can easily collect their data from a myriad of sources and structure it consistently via standard-based Data Templates (DTs). Cobuilder’s DTs capture product data requirements from European legislation, national building regulations, European and national standards, ISO standards and market requirements such as BREEAM. This allows manufacturers to produce consistent data Data Sheets (DSs) suited for different purposes.

Cobuilder Specify

As part of the iterative specification process, different actors on the project need to provide different data describing the performance of different construction products or elements to be installed, at different project stages and at different levels of information (LOIs). Cobuilder Specify is developed to allow project managers to customise data templates according to the needed data deliveries per role, stage and LOI and create standardised ‘questions’ that are there to be answered collaboratively throughout the stages of the specification process.

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Cobuilder offers a platform of integrated solutions that address the specific needs of construction industry actors while enabling collaboration and seamless data exchange internally and within any third-party software.

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Allow construction industry actors to embed or link data and documents collected in Cobuilder data management software to 3D models by using Cobuilder’s free Autodesk Revit and Navisworks plugins.

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Helps suppliers deliver construction objects data suitable for a BIM proces in accordance to requirements that have been previously set by the upper tier contractor.

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This service allows merchants to automatically transfer as-purchased product data and documents to project. This data is collected and structured via Product Data Templates. Disclaimer: This product is still available only for the Norwegian market.

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