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Technology benefits

of Cobuilder’s integrated platform

Harness the power of the cloud

Cobuilder’s integrated platform takes advantage of the market-leading cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud and employs bleeding-edge technologies to give you better user experience and ensure the safety of your data. It allows you to access the data management solution, specifically catered to the needs of your organisation and based on your role, from any place at any time. In other words – it is fast, secure and reliable.


Cloud based Software as a service (SaaS)

Being hosted in the cloud, the Cobuilder integrated platform can easily run complex data-intensive queries from any point in the world powered by Microsoft infrastructure. Users take advantage of a fast and automated process in accessing the solution relevant to them as the platform automatically configures the service, based on modules and functionalities, that each user has been subscribed to.

  • Access from any point in the world
  • Subscriptions/licensing gives organisations access to data management solutions specifically tailored to meet their needs.
  • Roles – based access control (RBAC) allows organisations to configure the access to information within the organisation according to the assigned roles of the various users.


Today information is a vital business asset for any organisation. Therefore, Cobuilder takes great care to ensure the security of your information.

  • Cobuilder’s integrated platform utilises Single Sign-On (SSO) which is based on Azure AD and uses OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect flow.
  • Cobuilder is certified by ISO 27001. As a user of our integrated platform, you can be sure that your data will be handled according to the highest security standards.
  • By providing role-based access control (RBAC), Cobuilder’s integrated platform allows you to grant specific access and permissions to designated users.

Data Protection

Loss of data may lead to loss of knowledge, double work and delivery delays. Data protection is an important aspect of good data management. This is how the Cobuilder platform protects your data:

  • Your data is stored and secured by hybrid Cloud solution
  • No data (or meta-data) can be deleted or modified by unauthorised users once uploaded onto the platform.
  • Daily back-ups of all the stored information ensure that your data can be easily retrieved.

Bleeding-edge technology

Cobuilder’s integrated platform employs the latest technologies within modern product development to offer scalable, resilient SaaS cloud solutions.

  • Azure Active Directory and Managed Identity ensure secure flow of tenant’s data and enable Customer Identity Access Management.
  • Microservices orchestration allows for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery while Enterprise Service Bus enables brokered messaging.
  • Single Page Application (SPA) platform powered by various database models from leading industry vendors caters to the specific needs of all actors in the supply chain.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

At Cobuilder, we systematically look at new technologies and use them as part of our services. By employing machine learning and artificial intelligence we deliver value to our customers in an efficient and modern way.

  • Within Cobuilder’s platform there are services that rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image processing and deep neural networks to extract and transform data from unstructured PDF files.
  • Cobuilder’s data scientists use the lean FLASK microframework to deliver the automated data extraction service, which is packed nicely with Docker and deployed on Azure.
  • By employing artificial intelligence Cobuilder reduces the risk of human error and is able to deliver faster and more reliable services.