Cobuilder digitalisation hub

Welcome to the digitalisation hub! Here you can find summaries and updates on various digitalisation initiatives at the national and international level that are taking place within the European construction sector.

The purpose of this hub is to provide information on specific projects and initiatives, but also to give a bird’s-eye view of what is happening across the continent. The European construction industry, as all other sectors in Europe, is strongly influenced by the basic principles of the European Common Market – the free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour. As a result, these principles are also an important consideration when developing digital strategies. Construction data, just like goods and services, should also move freely across country borders.

Data standardisation

This is why, the majority of digitalisation initiatives are centered around creating a common “digital language” that can be used universally – by all people and machines. In practical terms, this means that construction data should be created, managed and exchanged according to specific rules, and this is where standards come into play. In the past few years, the standardisation bodies CEN and ISO have developed a set of standards that enables the construction industry to create this common digital language, and we at Cobuilder believe that data standardisation is the single most important prerequisite to bring about the digital shift. This is why standards are at the core of all our digital solutions.

Learn more about the standards that are specifically developed for managing data in construction.

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