coBuilder at Autodesk University 2017 Las Vegas

If you have anything to do with architecture and design, Autodesk is surely a name you have come across more often than not. This week, Las Vegas becomes the home of Autodesk University – a conference where professionals with a taste for innovation from across the globe gather to present and discuss the latest trends in digital solutions for architects, specifiers, designers and manufacturers in the construction industry. Naturally, coBuilder could not miss the opportunity to be among the first ones to have a glimpse of the digital future that awaits the construction industry and are attending Autodesk University 2017.

The place to be

Traditionally, the Autodesk University Conference is a forum that provides all actors not only with the latest information about cutting edge technology but also offers them a unique opportunity for networking and meetup with future business partners. And if you think this is all to abstract, have a look at the summary of the event last year provided by coBuilder’s CEO Lars Fredenlund:

Interesting days at #AU2016 University, I have to say that Autodesk are moving fast and it is inspiring to see all the tools they are working on. As coBuilder are trying to shape the future way of working to get common agreed datasets to be used in the market, we see a lot of easy ways of connecting the model with live data from manufactures all over the world. To deliver to COBie, IFC, FM tools or to calculate carbon, energy based on live data will not be a problem in the near future. I believe 2017 will be the year where Manufacturers will move from pdf’s to Product Data Sheets. Now only early adopters are understanding why their data is what needed, and we are working together with Wienerberger, Knauf in the UK where the market is moving very fast. Today data this is manually entered in tools like BIM 360 Field, and do not include Manufactures to deliver their data from their PIM/DAM/ERP system. If we just look into 2017 this will be the way for Manufactures to share, and contractors and clients to collect as built data. Use of high quality data supported by the @buildingSMARTIn standards is key to deliver robust date where Interoperability is key. Then we will know what you specify, build and operate and be able to trac and collect data between actors. The future is exciting, and we do not have to wait for it. After the #AU2016 I see that the tools developed and used by architects and specifiers will change, fast. Web based solutions will deliver cost savings and players will be affected, so if you want to be a part of the digital future of the construction industry – pay attention on whats going on. WOW, it’s happening.

We are a part of the digital revolution

As an innovation driver in the construction industry, for the last 20 years coBuilder has been providing a diverse portfolio of digital solutions aimed at optimising processes across the supply chain in Europe. Our work has become associated with an industry-wide shift towards more rigorous digital processes, known as BIM.

Currently, we have been working towards an open, standardized and collaborative approach to managing the built environment. Our software platforms have been used by over 70 thousand construction projects and have contributed to shaping the future of the construction industry processes with standard-based, paperless, interoperable product data in the middle.

Our solutions for information management and digitalisation of construction product’s information can provide the basis for a standardised digitalisation for the industry worldwide. As we are looking to introduce our products outside Europe, events such as Autodesk University 2017 is a great opportunity to be acquainted with the sharpest minds in the industry and keep in touch with current business partners and stay informed about the latest and the greatest in the digital world of construction.

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