Cobuilder a valuable partner to the Ministry of Justice

 Cobuilder is recognized as a key influencer taking part of the BIM2AIM Special Interest Group, helping The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in publishing guidance on how to define, procure and deliver BIM Level 2 across its projects.

 How are Industry Best Practice Guides developed?

Along with the recent BIM Level 2 mandate in the UK, it is no surprise that the leading trigger for BIM implementation is client demand. Naturally, best practice is therefore to be found within a client-industry united effort to align BIM requirements and BIM in action. Following this logic, with the help of prominent industry representatives the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has published guidance on how to define, procure and deliver level 2 building information modelling (BIM) across its projects. The key to the development of this Guide has been the establishment of the BIM2AIM Special Interest Group. Among participants like Wates, Stride Treglown, Arcadis, WYG, Cobuilder was one of the highly deemed volunteers, who shared their knowledge and expertise with the MoJ.

 What are BIM Guides?

BIM Guides or Guidelines are defined really broadly as publically published documents that prescribe best practices – tested and tried by industry leaders and pioneers. Guides come in different shapes and sizes and can take the form of manuals, protocols and even standards. The information published in such documents comes from various industry experts and practitioners for various purposes, but we can generalise that they are characterised by a certain wealth of information that is mined and organized into a more cohesive framework.  BIM Guides are essential in defining how digital data is transferred from project to project from organisation to organisation under a common structure, common terms, access to content clauses  that relate to the processes and national BIM requirements in place, how it is validated, how it is related to open standards etc.

“Standards are excellent in what they do, but there is an entire human side of how you use them; what they are for and what you need to put in place to leverage the reason for having standards in the first place. That is where I see Guides as a broader umbrella to support that.” explained Susan Keenleyside, President and Senior Advisor at S8, in an interview with coBuilder.

“Since Cobuilder UK was stablished last year, we have been doing trials and user experience studies to achieve the best possible fit between our systems and what the industry requires. There is no use of writing up literature if it is not based on how BIM is used in real-life. That knowledge combined with the knowledge obtained as a company working with digital construction data in Norway for over 18 years, has made us a valuable partner in the MoJ’s initiative. We are determined to keep working collaboratively with our industry counterparts. It is in ours and the industry’s interest to see the MoJ BIM story develop as a BIM success story”. said Nick Tune, CEO of Cobuilder UK.