Cobuilder and IBM join Construction Products Europe

Modified on July 3, 2020

Construction Products Europe (CPE), the European Association that represents the interests of all construction products manufacturers across Europe, acknowledged Cobuilder and IBM as their first affiliate members that operate in the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

Cobuilder will provide expertise in defining and structuring the manufacturers’ product data by applying the European harmonised standards and thus helping the adoption of a common technical language that would facilitate the automated digital data exchange across the value chain.

In the official statement by CPE, President Cédric de Meeûs, comments:

“Our project Smart CE marking is the perfect proof of the successful collaboration with these leading digital construction players. By welcoming them as affiliate members, we look forward to stepping up our game and to leading the debate on such topics as Data Templates and digital tools at the EU-level.

digital twin

To be compliant with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the manufacturers in Europe must deliver a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to the market according to harmonized standards (hENs). At present the DoP-s are only available in formats, that cannot be processed electronically in BIM tools. Therefore, Smart CE marking was introduced by CPE, to provide the link between the physical product and its DoP in a digital manner.

For this purpose, Cobuilder has provided CPE’s members with a number of standard-based Data templates that are aligned with the Smart CE methodology. The Data Templates are according to prEN ISO 23387 – the standard, setting out the general structure for product data templates in construction works. By using Cobuilder’s platform and on the basis of the provided templates, key association members will agree on and devise association-approved common Data Templates that all manufacturers can use to easily structure their product information into BIM compatible format.

This collaborative approach would help the European manufacturers to easily comply with their documentation duties, reduce the accompanying administration, and would make their product data machine-readable across multiple software systems, and thus their products – more accessible to the market. More importantly, this would bring countless benefits across the value chain, facilitating the sustainable competitive growth of the European construction industry by improving the overall collaboration in the sector.

Lars Christian Fredenlund, Cobuilder CEO, comments:

“As digitalisation will transform the whole construction industry, the main actors need to act together. I strongly believe that our central European strategy should be based on two main pillars: standardisation and interoperability. We share this common vision with CPE, and we are committed to achieving this synergy. We at Cobuilder are honored to become a member of the Association.”

For more information, please visit CPE and Cobuilder official websites.