Celebrating certification success and strategic partnership: Cobuilder and BSI’s shared vision for a better built environment

Cobuilder professionals Plamena Nedyalkova and Martin Nenov achieved a significant milestone by successfully obtaining their buildingSMART International Foundation certification. This accomplishment not only highlights individual excellence but also underscores the synergistic partnership between Cobuilder and buildingSMART International (BSI). Both entities share a common vision and mission dedicated to enhancing the built environment through standardised data exchange and digital transformation.

Plamena and Martin, Product Managers at Cobuilder, recently excelled in the buildingSMART Professional Certification course, showcasing their deep commitment to industry advancement. Achieving 100% on their exams, they not only demonstrated their proficiency but also became among the first Bulgarian-based professionals to earn this prestigious certification. This course has equipped them with advanced knowledge in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and openBIM standards, critical for fostering collaboration across diverse construction projects and platforms.

Role of openBIM standards

The certification aligns perfectly with Cobuilder’s goals of promoting digital transformation within the construction sector. openBIM standards are crucial for ensuring interoperability and flexibility across the industry, allowing various stakeholders to effectively collaborate. These standards facilitate improved asset management, lifecycle accessibility, and the implementation of digital twins, which are essential for a sustainable future in construction.

Cobuilder’s partnership with BSI

As an international member of buildingSMART International for many years, Cobuilder has been at the forefront of standardisation activities, including collaborations with European standards organisations like CEN and CENELEC. This partnership is a testament to both organisations’ commitment to establish a common digital language and enhance data exchange within the industry. Together, Cobuilder and BSI are making significant strides toward a digital and sustainable transformation of the construction industry.

“Achieving this certification underscores our commitment to supporting the digital transformation in construction. Our partnership with BuildingSMART International is crucial as we work together to move the industry forward to its digital and more sustainable transformation,” states Plamena Nedyalkova, Sr. Product Manager at Cobuilder.

Impact of the certification on professional growth

Both Plamena and Martin shared how the BSI course has expanded their expertise and their understanding of the challenges and solutions in construction data management.

This course highlighted the inefficiencies that arise from the lack of a “common language”, which often leads to miscommunications, delays, and budget overruns.

Through the course, both professionals deepened their understanding of non-proprietary data formats and the importance of adopting common data structures. Separate sections in the course were dedicated to understanding the details of Common data structures, key standards such as ISO Standard 19650 and the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). These standards are vital for creating interoperable systems within the construction industry.

“This certification has enhanced my understanding of BIM processes, aligning seamlessly with Cobuilder’s dedication to advancing industry best practices and driving innovation. We are all about making our software tools “talking” not just with each other, but also with other industry software. It’s all about pushing the industry forward through better collaboration and technology,” shares Martin Nenov, Product Manager at Cobuilder.

Common digital language and data dictionaries

Furthermore, the course emphasised on the vital role of automation in modern construction processes and the significant contributions of digital data dictionaries in creating a unified communication framework.

These tools are crucial for establishing a standardised digital language that ensures consistency and accuracy in data usage across diverse software platforms and stakeholders.

Among the various digital data dictionaries available, interoperability and interconnection are key. The Define Data Dictionary and BuildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) stand out as exemplary tools that facilitate these connections.

By leveraging these digital dictionaries, Cobuilder’s software tools are supporting automated and error-minimised processes, aligning with industry best practices and advancing the digital transformation of the construction sector.

How you can set up your project to use bSDD

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Future outlook and the role of Cobuilder in industry evolution

Looking to the future, the principles of openBIM will increasingly dictate the interoperability between different software platforms. Cobuilder plays a vital role in this evolution by developing an infrastructure of software tools that “talk” to each other, ensuring that construction actors are not confined to isolated platforms.

Moreover, the commitment to openBIM standards supports the circular economy, emphasising the need for future-proof documentation formats like IFC that ensure longevity and accessibility across the lifecycle of building assets.


The successful certification of Cobuilder’s professionals is more than individual achievement. It represents a collaborative effort of two key organisations towards a more integrated, efficient, and sustainable construction industry. As Cobuilder continues to lead with its digital solutions, the construction industry looks towards a future where digital transformation and standardised data exchange are not just aspirations but realities.

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