CEI-Bois partners up with Cobuilder to develop a data-driven BIM platform

Modified on July 13, 2021

As part of their digitalisation initiative TIMBIM, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, CEI-Bois, entered recently into a strategic partnership with Cobuilder. The new pilot project aims to help manufacturers digitise their data and make it available in a machine-readable and standardised format.

In collaboration with Cobuilder, CEI-Bois will develop a common data dictionary and common data templates based on relevant harmonised product and test standards that are applied across all European countries. The data templates can be used to create and deliver both generic and specific product information.

digital twin

Such a common platform for data management will enable clear, reliable and standardised communication within the BIM method. The information that is digitised and exchanged through data templates can be used by all actors in different project stages – from the early planning phase when the wood solution is represented by generic product information to the later stages when generic data is replaced by specific product information.

The use of standardised structures for data exchange enables better project collaboration and automation of the information flow. In practical terms this will result in increased efficiency and reduced costs. Improved information management practices will also help actors to work more efficiently with environmental requirements in projects.

“The good arguments for wood are finally made visible in the investors decision-making process,” reads the press release that CEI-Bois published on their website in February.

‘This is a very important project, says Lars Fredenlund, CEO at Cobuilder. – Data standardisation is a major prerequisite if the industry is to succeed in its digitalisation efforts. And this initiative at the European level takes us another step closer to the digital shift.

In the next project phase, actors will be able to gain access to the data templates both through a web-based interface and through API integration.

Within the web-based view, the information can be easily translated into the respective language and supplemented with national information as required. While using the API service will enable manufacturers to integrate the data templates into their own systems (PIM and / or ERP) and deliver structured product information to various systems and BIM tools.

Learn more about the project in the press release published by CEI-Bois